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Damn, $20 to ship from CA to US on the W+H website.. I didn't think shipping one shirt costs that much.
I wish I got on that RodenGray sale earlier. I guess I'll have to wait until the W+H site goes down to 50% in like a year.
I hope they bring back the all black sneaker. Maybe some different sneaker colors would be nice too.
True, but I kinda want to keep my testicles too..
Can APC jeans still stretch after like 6 months of wear? I'm putting on some weight and they're getting a bit tight now and I don't want to have to buy another pair
Long wear loosens and stretches the fibers, and washing them tightens them again.
Anyone think there will be additional drops on the hoodies? Hoping for 70% off instead of 50%.
Where is that picture from?
Do the terry-loop zip front hoodies stretch much? I know my enzyme wash hoodie stretched a whole size, but the terry loop hoodies look thicker so I assume theres less stretch?.
We need more fall shipments already!
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