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Hey everyone in the Forum! I am thinking about changing careers. My aim is to move into the fashion industry, particularly mens fashion RETAIL (selling the clothes). Does anyone work in the industry that can give me some real-life answers? What is a realistic salary? Is it commision based? Do you find it stimulating? Is it a grind? Are promotions out there for hard-working individuals? Do most people like their job? Any answers would be greatly appreciated. THANK...
This is a potential longterm quagmire that doesn't demand American fighter power or top-secret covert actions. Let's offer technical and logistical support for all active nations willing to force the removal of a authoritarian regime, and hopefully implement a democratic government with support from its people.
Quote: Originally Posted by Connemara I'm glad you're taking the words of a lower-class mediocre singer as gospel. [size="6"][/S SHE IS BETTER THAN MEDIOCRE, DUDE!
Quote: Originally Posted by jeromestyle a case that protects well and it´s very light at the same time. Stores that specialize in outdoor sports such as REI and EMS sell light-weight glass cases. They are foam with a zipper. As long as you do not sit on your glasses, they will protect them from most accidents.
This member creates a post to get a discussion going, and he gets a bunch of douche bag answers. You people are a bunch of fucking assholes. If you don't have anything useful, or related to the post then keep your fucking mouth shuts and stay off the site. What is in trend - the casual look. Less formal, ties without jackets, oxfords without socks, dressy casual
Quote: Originally Posted by ShelterIslandMike I was in court in New York City yesterday, and there were tons of lawyers milling around. I saw some of the worst shoes imaginable on guys wearing well-made OTR suits for which no alterations/tailoring was apparent. A pair of AE Park Avenues, slightly polished, put someone in the all star league of footwear. That's what's out here, guys. If a guy makes even the slightest effort to dress decently - I'm talking...
Quote: Originally Posted by musicguy this question again yes, this question again
Quote: Originally Posted by blahman How many times do we have to go through this topic again? then why take the fucking time to write a comment you miserable fuck
Quote: Originally Posted by myztikal47 Is this OK to do? I've been working at my new job for about a month and a half, I'm the only one in my "group" which consists of about 10 people that wears a tie. Everyone else wears just dress shirt/pants, even the director. There are other directors on our floors who's groups sit elsewhere and about half of the directors wear ties, half don't. Some of the other groups wear ties, some don't. My director a few weeks...
[quote=shibbel;4287443]Most people aren't even hungry in the morning- they just eat because the myth of how important breakfast is has been hammered into our brains. You want an extremely convenient breakfast that's low cal, sugar, and fat? Nothing at all, skip breakfast, eat when you're hungry.[/QUO RIDICULOUS
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