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That tie's fantastic IMO.
Well, if it happens and anyone grabbed 10.5 E for your brother, I'm the brother you're looking for.(EDIT: especially in black or brown, even I realize I have enough burgundy shoes that I don't want PAs in burg.)
Yeah, it changed while in my cart. Oh well.
Does anyone know how different the last is? I have to get the 5 last in a different size: go with that or my normal?
I saw this when I was out the other day, does anyone recognize it? I have no idea beyond Hermes and Charvet who makes ties in France.
OK, time to clean out the closet a bit. Normally I'm wide open to trades, but for the moment I'm in need of cash so I won't be as interested in trading.I’ll start to list these in the Sales forum if they don’t get interest here, but this has to be the first stop, gotta give thrift bros the first shot. For the sake of space, I'll spoiler all but one picture per item.In addition to all this stuff, I've got a pair of AE PTBs and a Hickey Freeman suit down in my sig. Check...
Nice jacket, good thing for me that it is too small.
Hickey Freeman Suit Lightly constructed Hickey Freeman Collection (Black Label) Canterbury model. Originally sold at Roger Stevens, probably Milwaukee's best traditional Men's store. Fully canvassed, very soft fabric. Grey Glen Plaid Suit with blue windowpane overstriping. Two button, single vent. Trousers pleated with a 1.5” cuff. No room to let out the pants length, perhaps 1.5” inches to give in the waist. Tagged a 42R, but see measurements below for details....
Allen Edmonds Berkley is a PTB that is on the 4 last and has a single sole. These are Dark Brown Burnished Calf, and over the years have developed a bit of an antiqued look. Seconds, but very nice looking shoe. $65 in the US. I'm adding these two photos, because I somehow forgot to post a sole picture! And also: I don't know what marked them as seconds. The only thing I can find that might be off is that it looks like the piece at the back of the right shoe isn't...
Managed to sneak out for a few minutes yesterday and found a suit and some shoos. I love light blue window pane. Hickey Freeman (and yes, I found the pants!) 42R And I'm not familiar with Allen Edmonds Berkley model, but I like these. Wish they were my size. 9D
New Posts  All Forums: