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Chester Barrie for Carroll & Co Wool/Cashmere tweed. Gray and Charcoal herringbone with wine, mustard, and blue over striping. Wonderfully soft fabric. Unvented 2B. This is a gorgeous jacket, and a good enough reason to come up with ways to wear a gray jacket. And check out that lining! Tagged a 46, but I don’t think so. See measurements and confirm that they will work for you. PTP 23 SHD 20.5 WST 21.5 SLV 24 BOC 31.5
Late to the game, but I'm in.
These Ballys will be perfect when summer, get them now during the "off season/get it outta my house" sale. Woven leather uppers (whole shoe, not just vamp), with perforated liner for cool comfort. There are toe protectors on the soles, and the original heels show minimal wear (you can see in one picture). Contact me for shipping details. This one shows how much is left on the heel.
Brilliant work! I hope for yourself though, and not for sale, right?I've thought about doing the same with a PRL tie that I have. Not nearly Sulka quality, but I just really like the colors.
Right, but this is the official thrifting slapfest thread, and it has been a while since we had one. Closest we have gotten recently was the brief sidetracking in which everyone posted pictures or descriptions of how they manage to park their cars without hitting the wall of the garage.Different subject: Bally woven leather tassle loafers, good kop?
42L Polo PRL Tweed – Brown Herringbone with subtle striping in many colors. Beautiful pattern, somebody should grab this, think about all the times you've been told how useful a brown jacket is. This one should be yours for this fall. $50 PM me with any questions. PTP 23 SHD 19 Waist 21.5 SLV 27 BOC 32.5
I wonder if it is a nailed version of a pegged waist. I think the conclusion there boiled down to it not serving an actual purpose on a standard shoe.
I have an Armani shirt that I will sell to the first person who offers me $600!
That tie's fantastic IMO.
Well, if it happens and anyone grabbed 10.5 E for your brother, I'm the brother you're looking for.(EDIT: especially in black or brown, even I realize I have enough burgundy shoes that I don't want PAs in burg.)
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