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Pretty sure I still win for ugliness By the way, I know little more about selvedge than what it is, but is this when selvedge officially jumped the shark?
Until I clicked on the spoiler tag, I thought someone had finally thrifted me an awesome cane! I don't need one anymore, but for Hermes I might have been tempted to cater to the remaining twinges. (I really should be better about continuing my PT exercises )
Just look for the brass plate on the sole. The rubber, Stacy "you gotta be kidding me" Adams, sole.
^Even on the Copley last I'm not sure that "D" counts as a wide width. What's the width on the Peals?
Nice, I like the color. Not a fan of the thin ribbon myself, but that is easily (and inexpensively) changed -- or you might disagree with me on ribbons!
Checked off exotic skin shoes today. Stacy Adams. I'm apparently attempting to gather the least valuable collection of submissions possible. Have not bought a single thing yet of the things I've checked off my scavenger list.
Question for you. Is all Rive Gauche worth a pick up, or is the good rive gauche and meh rive gauche? I saw a shirt yesterday and didn't grab it because it didn't seem all that special to me. I wouldn't feel like messing with ebay myself, but if it is worthwhile, then I could pick it up to use as trading material next time I'm trying to trade with someone who does do ebay. (Or if someone here wanted it.) Sorry, no pics. That was the moment when I realized I'd left my...
Well that settles it. Everyone eat veal tomorrow, and more often henceforth!
I was going to comment that my GI tract was not organized enough for that, but decided to leave it alone. Obviously Hucklecat picked up my fumble.
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