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Well that settles it. Everyone eat veal tomorrow, and more often henceforth!
I was going to comment that my GI tract was not organized enough for that, but decided to leave it alone. Obviously Hucklecat picked up my fumble.
Fur question - I found an old overcoat today that had a fur collar. Problem was, it had pretty much no labeling. Does this bad ipod touch pic show the leather well enough to demonstrate fur, or do they put fake fur on leather, or is it just shearling and shearling doesn't count? I would also like a tartan clarification. Surely plaid shirts don't count, so what is the requirement here. Now I wonder if I'm being a kill-joy. If I am, just tell me to shut up, post what I...
I'm back, and I'm in.Probably won't find squat, but it'll be fun to do, and it'll get me to follow the thread again. Clearly I've been getting too much done in real life (why is it that I'm still so far behind?).Er, by the way, where are the exceptions to acceptable charities? Didn't read back far enough to find them.
If you we're not a kid in the early 80s you probably won't care. $2
Does anyone here have mismatched feet - 8.5 on left, 9.5 on right (both E width)? I left, but could proxy a pair of Chili Bradleys that had been resoled by AE and not walked in since the job. I wouldn't want to try to flip them, but willing to proxy at cost + shipping + beer. More pics if anyone is actually interested.
I recognized immediately that he was talking about ties. As my prize, SG should now send me his unused blue and brown knits.
I can't believe I haven't seen this thread until now! Awesome idea for a thread.
^Nice, not a Morning Jacket though. That's a tail coat - formal evening wear.
Mark, those have worn in nicely. What's the size difference between your feet - I assume that is what leads to the deeper rolls on the right boot?
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