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Hi, I'm wondering about Versace frames. I think I understand that Luxottica licensed with them in 2007. Are those frames typical Luxottica mediocrity? and would older Versace be higher quality if I found it? Thanks. This single manufacturer system takes all the fun out of it.
And you thought YOU were about to get pedantic. The "near" is an adj, miss is a noun. The item wasn't picked up, so the experience remains a miss, but it was close - you thought about it, you were going to until you noticed the dried fluids, the vulgar monogram, the infestation of moth eggs. By contrast, a 60/40 Arrow button down shirt in lime green with yellow pit stains, that would be a wide miss.You'd be right if miss were a verb, but then we'd be insisting that...
Got it. Maybe not being able to read people's posts properly is another sign it is time to go to bed.I got a bunch of stuff at the thrift today - the only thing bragging about is that I used it the way it is actually intended to be used. Everything we picked up was an item we actually needed and would have paid full price for within a week or two otherwise, AND my kids (5 and 7) were jazzed about the things they got.
Are you saying you can get sleeves shortened for $12? I guess I pay $12 to shorten ONE sleeve.By the way, for those of you who noticed the Cambridges I found a couple of weeks ago, they are now for sale on the BST - see link below.
They are, expect incoming PM.
I think I'm going to go back by and take another look. As for the alterations, everything can be done, its just a question of whether I'm willing to pay the price. Unfortunately, by the time I buy the jacket, I usually am willing to pay the price.
I can't quite make these shoes work on my half size larger feet. I can put them on, but wouldn't want to walk around all day in them. Maybe they'll be better for you. They are used, but as you can see, there is still a lot of life left in the original soles. All I have done since picking them up is condition them a bit, and brush, and brush, and brush. There was a scuff on one of the toes, I've tried to capture it in one of the pictures, but conditioning (and brushing)...
Good luck, I hope you can get them. I won't allow myself to shop for English shoes until I have a way to determine what size I actually am over there.Will most sellers do this? It has been a long time since I sold on ebay (I did back in the Wild Wild West days of personal checks, money orders, and even a few times cash in the mail!), but I would have been leery as either buyer or seller going off ebay. The obvious exception is if it happens to be someone from here - did...
Two items I forgot in last night's post, because they were actually a little earlier in the week. I picked up a Thomas Pink ladies shirt for my wife, but it is a little small. I was really jazzed to find something nice for her - women's clothing around here seems to be even more overrun with mediocre crap than men's. I guess we will probaby try to find a friend who would actually appreciate the quality to pass it on to. Passed on a Brooks Brothers casual jacket, kind of...
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