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Is it a fabric tear (leave it), or a torn seam (no big deal)?
Well played sir. Is Burr wearing a Club Collar in that pic? I'm almost convinced he is, but on a serious defense atty, it seems too, well, in this thread I'd have to say too quirky.Maybe that is what OP should get to go with his suit.
Which BB line is this label? I couldn't tell from anything else in the suit b/c I just don't know BB that well.
This thread is the guide - enjoy the read.Welcome to styleforum, and to the thrifting addiction.
A couple of people were curious to see pictures of the Brooks Brothers casual jacket I mentioned last week. I went back and decided to buy it, so here it is. Looking over it, I think it must be NWOT. Being the end/beginning of the year, I've seen quite a few things that were obviously donated by retailers for a tax break. This was one of those, I think. Planning to keep.
Maybe this is in the video, but my connection from home is a pain for streaming. A price (range) was cited for full bespoke. Once the last is made I assume (wrong?) that it can be reused for a while. Would a subsequent pair then be closer to the price of "make this for me in a 9B?"
Nah, we've had trolls before (and lastdonb isn't one, I don't think, just abusive to the eyes). I know I've reported several trolling posts that the good mods have removed.
Hi, I'm wondering about Versace frames. I think I understand that Luxottica licensed with them in 2007. Are those frames typical Luxottica mediocrity? and would older Versace be higher quality if I found it? Thanks. This single manufacturer system takes all the fun out of it.
And you thought YOU were about to get pedantic. The "near" is an adj, miss is a noun. The item wasn't picked up, so the experience remains a miss, but it was close - you thought about it, you were going to until you noticed the dried fluids, the vulgar monogram, the infestation of moth eggs. By contrast, a 60/40 Arrow button down shirt in lime green with yellow pit stains, that would be a wide miss.You'd be right if miss were a verb, but then we'd be insisting that...
New Posts  All Forums: