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This thread is the guide - enjoy the read.Welcome to styleforum, and to the thrifting addiction.
A couple of people were curious to see pictures of the Brooks Brothers casual jacket I mentioned last week. I went back and decided to buy it, so here it is. Looking over it, I think it must be NWOT. Being the end/beginning of the year, I've seen quite a few things that were obviously donated by retailers for a tax break. This was one of those, I think. Planning to keep.
Maybe this is in the video, but my connection from home is a pain for streaming. A price (range) was cited for full bespoke. Once the last is made I assume (wrong?) that it can be reused for a while. Would a subsequent pair then be closer to the price of "make this for me in a 9B?"
Nah, we've had trolls before (and lastdonb isn't one, I don't think, just abusive to the eyes). I know I've reported several trolling posts that the good mods have removed.
Hi, I'm wondering about Versace frames. I think I understand that Luxottica licensed with them in 2007. Are those frames typical Luxottica mediocrity? and would older Versace be higher quality if I found it? Thanks. This single manufacturer system takes all the fun out of it.
And you thought YOU were about to get pedantic. The "near" is an adj, miss is a noun. The item wasn't picked up, so the experience remains a miss, but it was close - you thought about it, you were going to until you noticed the dried fluids, the vulgar monogram, the infestation of moth eggs. By contrast, a 60/40 Arrow button down shirt in lime green with yellow pit stains, that would be a wide miss.You'd be right if miss were a verb, but then we'd be insisting that...
Got it. Maybe not being able to read people's posts properly is another sign it is time to go to bed.I got a bunch of stuff at the thrift today - the only thing bragging about is that I used it the way it is actually intended to be used. Everything we picked up was an item we actually needed and would have paid full price for within a week or two otherwise, AND my kids (5 and 7) were jazzed about the things they got.
Are you saying you can get sleeves shortened for $12? I guess I pay $12 to shorten ONE sleeve.By the way, for those of you who noticed the Cambridges I found a couple of weeks ago, they are now for sale on the BST - see link below.
They are, expect incoming PM.
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