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Finally getting back around to this. Klobber, I have to ask, what field are you in? I'm pretty sure this would get noticed and commented on at any conference I've ever been to. That includes the one where someone thought she was usefully discrediting Augustine's opinion by emphasizing how much better her sex life was than his. There was a whole lot of and that day. Strangely, I have no idea what she was wearing. OP - when I said make sure people are talking about your...
Well, BB is so exotic and ... New World:D
This I did not know. Thanks for the education.
This. Also, you mentioned patina, which is true, but you want the leather to be healthy enough to last and develop some patina. It is skin, afterall.Only a Dinner Jacket if the lapels are satin or grosgrain. They look on my monitor to be the same material as the rest. Also, the buttons would not be standard buttons, which they look like on my monitor. Then again, on my monitor it almost looks olive! Anyway, I think you have a suit coat there, so seek out the trousers....
Is a hat that doesn't even cover your ears really a cold weather hat? Never had one, kinda like the look, but not sure how this beats a Fedora on a day that is truly cold.
I'm surprised you haven't gotten enough interest here to avoid ebay altogether.
I recently tried some mid calf socks, and I don't get it. Granted, these are not the quality most of you wear (still working my way up to being willing to spend that - and waiting for a sale!) but I have the identical socks in OTC and in whatever the shorter length (I think most non-SF men would just call them socks). Both of those lengths work fine, but the mid calf fall constantly. On me they come to pretty much exactly the middle of my calf muscle, so I don't see any...
Several of these replies have been spot on. I won't try to give specific recommendations, but instead a couple of points that might influence how you decide. 1. The people in your department are certainly slobs (they are, after all, academics!), but they can at least give you a general idea of how people typically dress at this particular conference. The key thing is not to stick out. 2. As long as your suit isn't especially flashy you won't get knocked for looking like...
That's gonna stick with me.
It was this one:http://www.ebay.com/itm/Vintage-Donegal-Tweed-Brown-Windowpane-3-Pc-Shooting-Suit-40R-/170756194490?pt=US_CSA_MC_Suits&hash=item27c1dcc0baI had been watching it when it was still pretty low, but decided that I just wasn't in love with something about it and that it would probably get too rich for my blood. After it closed it came up on the "Cool Shoes ..." thread, and there was some skepticism about one of the zero ratings bidders.
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