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I'm leaning toward a pair of AE Cambridge (I've even posted a WTB). Before I bite the bullet though, especially since gently used in my size (10 EE) seem to be rare, and I'll be paying over $400 for new, I want to consider other options. I'm aware of Alden http://www.aldenshoes.com/Store/DrawProducts.aspx?CategoryID=95&ParentID=94&PageID=&Action= but I think I like the Cambridge a bit better. Carmina is beautiful, but if the pair on B&S right now are any guide, they're...
Hey thanks, I forgot all about allaboutshoes. I try to fund purchases off of what comes in to my paypal account as much as feasible, so it will be a bit before I can do this, but it is a much better deal than the seconds. In the meantime, I'll still consider gently used offers. (I'm also going to start another thread asking for suggestions on other options to consider. AE is the "safe" one, but as long as I'm waiting, I might as well find out about options.) Again,...
God bless you. Plenty of my students would have skipped class - or at least been late.
As you can see, I'm selling a pair of these in 10 E - they are too snug and some foot issues will not allow me to simply deal with a snug fit. I was able to try on a pair of Fifth Avenues (same last) in 10 EE the other day to confirm that it is my best size in the 5 last, so now I'm on the hunt. Apparently this is an international size (?) but wherever it turns up, if anyone turns up a pair please PM me. The newer the better, so that my feet determine their development,...
Whew. By the way, not the best time of year to fly in to MKE. Shouldn't you try to arrange trips to places that don't have weather reports explaining that their would have been more inches of snow if it hadn't been so freakin cold that the snow flakes were so small. I swear to you, that is what the weather man said tonight. I swear the only thing I could think was the Seinfeld "shrinkage" episode. (So snow experiences that too?)
NO!!!!!!!!Geez, I guess I'll tell you some places, but I won't bother thrifting there for a while after!
I think so, I just think when these were designed your jeans were supposed to be higher. Nice find, if it were a 40 I'd tell you that the fit was horrible and you should sell it to me cheap.I'm getting the impression that half of the people on this thread shoot pics in mom's bathroom, the other half have to steal space from their wives for closet finds.I guess I should "brag" something. tonight I stopped for a few minutes and found a pretty minty (although crushed!) Tilley...
What size are you Dave? My right foot is slightly larger than my left - maybe we could share purchases! In all seriousness though, I think the tongue pad sounds like the best option. I've just avoided loafer for years now.
+1I don't recommend opening it up, but the lining was detached for a couple of inches at the bottom of my coat when I stopped by my tailor's shop once last winter to pick up something unrelated. He noticed it and insisted on fixing it before it got worse. Took him maybe a minute. (That probably translates to an hour for me!)
Gathering all the fabric at the front so that it pokes out looking like you're pregnant? This was how I first realized I needed slimmer fitting shirts ... but somehow I doubt that you're wearing "traditional fit." Some other problem?
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