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Really, has it come to this?
No, Wes is right. It all has to do with a 19th Century treaty having to do with former Norse colonies (Ireland got sucked in because of Dublin). Hate to say it catside, but yours must have been forgeries. There's a real cottage industry of those operating in the midwest.
I'd encourage you to post that pic in the eBay thread and let them give you pointers.
Don't forget dudes - it depends on the Lanvin. Most of what you find isn't what you're looking for. Not as absolute as Dior, but plenty of licensed crap is out there.
Do you like them? Do they knot well?
I've heard it suggested that the headless monks (no relation to double monks ) took it, but that the head couldn't die. dunno.
Right there with you bro. I was planning to post final finds later this afternoon. Problem for me is, I still might not get another chance to thrift before the 6th!
It kind of ruined the whole thing though that they had him wake up next to Lois as Hal to proclaim the "weird dream" he'd had. Nice homage though.
Maison Martin Margiela
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