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I've never run across a BB ES in my size, so can't compare. What is an acceptable waist for you, and how do you feel about FC?
And now a few more. Terrible showing. In fact, the main thing I’d be vying for would be worst value per item. Pretty sure that just about the only things with decent names on this list are the ones that specified brand names! Also, if I were anywhere near winning I’d expect some of these things to get eliminated or at least contested. Accept them in the spirit in which they’re offered. 1.A Turkish bathrobe (i.e.towel), if Made in Turkey +1 bonus point 2.Exotic skin men’s...
Nice Stitchy! And I have that exact tricycle.
Damn my Germanic inability to think of bending implicit rules! I haven't followed too many of these, but it never occurred to me that I could play Friday Challenge even if I wore the outfit on a Wednesday. Perhaps I'll play next week. (I was sure to fulfill the mild profanity requirement for this post though.)
Really, has it come to this?
No, Wes is right. It all has to do with a 19th Century treaty having to do with former Norse colonies (Ireland got sucked in because of Dublin). Hate to say it catside, but yours must have been forgeries. There's a real cottage industry of those operating in the midwest.
I'd encourage you to post that pic in the eBay thread and let them give you pointers.
Don't forget dudes - it depends on the Lanvin. Most of what you find isn't what you're looking for. Not as absolute as Dior, but plenty of licensed crap is out there.
Do you like them? Do they knot well?
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