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Sleeves on the shirt? And must it be solid blue, or are some patterns acceptable?
Careful with this. Canter's method usually starts bitter arguments among CI lovers. My own take is that in most applications flaxseed oil will end up leaving a beautiful, hard surface that will not take much abuse. I suppose it would work for a muffin pan or the like, but it ends up flaking for skillets once you start using a spatula in there. Whatever you use, the most important thing is to season with thin coats--kind of like painting a car.
Besides the cost, I actually decided I liked the idea of having a more limited range of exploration. I liked what I read about both the Negroni and the Boulevardier and decided that since my only legit Triple Sec option was the very top shelf, I'd explore the more limited range of Campari for now. You're right though, it is quite limited -- Campari themselves just seem to list the Negroni and a bunch of +juice drinks.What gin would you suggest for a Negroni without...
So I ended up buying Campari. Cointreau was far more expensive at the store I went to, and neither of the less expensive but acceptable Triple Secs I've seen recommended were on the shelf. I used the Campari in both a Negroni and in a Boulevardier (with Rittenhouse). Initial reaction is that I preferred the Boulevardier. The Negroni might just take some getting used to, but it seemed to strongly highlight a couple of flavors to the point of overwhelming everything else....
There once was a store credit trading thread. When I followed it, it was most active during January. I have no idea whether it is still active, but if you don't get a sale soon, it might be worth getting the store credit and mentioning there.
Rittenhouse is the go to Rye in the house.As for Bourbons, I've assumed that since I like Rye I'd probably prefer the higher rye bourbons, but wondered if they would be different enough from Rye to bother with. If I'm going to get a bourbon, shouldn't it be substantially different from rye? or will high rye bourbons still be distinctive?
Django, ALWAYS ONLY brush counterclockwise. That is the direction the felt is brushed, and you could make it look bad (and harder to fix) if you go against the grain. Counterclockwise based on looking at the hat from above or from below base on the side you're brushing. It's a good idea to brush it lightly every time you wear it before you go out. Keeps the dust from getting wet and getting deep into the felt.Nice hat (I love my Borsa) and nice connection to your granddad.
This is pretty much what I've decided to do. I guess I'm there in some sense since I already make Manhattans, Martinis, and very occasionally an Old Fashioned. This is my attempt at expanding beyond those, and it sounds like Cointreau will be pretty versatile and give me several that I can try out. Perhaps I should have been asking for the best cocktails I was only one bottle away from Thanks for the input so far--kinda surprised to see the post revive after 4-5 days of...
Getting advice from a guy whose avatar is a cocktail--gotta be a good idea, right. Thanks!
I haven't bothered mixing cocktails much in the past but for whatever reason they have appealed to me recently. Trouble is, I know little about them. I'd like to add things (gradually--not really looking to buy out the liquor dept all at once), but I'd like to add things that will make sense. I hate the idea of buying a bottle of something that is only useful for one drink that I only mix once a year. I'll give a brief run down of what I've got, and I'd appreciate...
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