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Getting advice from a guy whose avatar is a cocktail--gotta be a good idea, right. Thanks!
I haven't bothered mixing cocktails much in the past but for whatever reason they have appealed to me recently. Trouble is, I know little about them. I'd like to add things (gradually--not really looking to buy out the liquor dept all at once), but I'd like to add things that will make sense. I hate the idea of buying a bottle of something that is only useful for one drink that I only mix once a year. I'll give a brief run down of what I've got, and I'd appreciate...
Just a few things to enter this time, but at least I can keep up the numbers. Probably won’t be in on the next round. Never found the red Union tag with a R, or else I'd have that too. Reindeer mug Mask with Selfie SC that was somewhere between the loudest and the ugliest I could find. Should have grabbed the guy I saw at Aldi this afternoon, he would have won the whole thing.
I felt I had to leave these side by side on the rack.
Ah good. I might even get another chance to go out before then.
When is the deadline? Not posting much this time, but for charity sake, I want to get around to it before time's up.
How many points if the juicy pants are being worn by a male shopper?
Well doneI would happily buy some of TJ's better lines if they fit. Unfortunately it seems that their local market here in Milwaukee requires a negative drop.And my GW has figured out Prada - last one I saw was not 19.99, but 199.99.
I'll play again - although I'm hoping to actually find something to pick up this round rather than just stuff to take photos of. Still, like was said before, it gives me a reason to keep going out to thrift!
I've never run across a BB ES in my size, so can't compare. What is an acceptable waist for you, and how do you feel about FC?
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