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This is pretty much what I've decided to do. I guess I'm there in some sense since I already make Manhattans, Martinis, and very occasionally an Old Fashioned. This is my attempt at expanding beyond those, and it sounds like Cointreau will be pretty versatile and give me several that I can try out. Perhaps I should have been asking for the best cocktails I was only one bottle away from Thanks for the input so far--kinda surprised to see the post revive after 4-5 days of...
Getting advice from a guy whose avatar is a cocktail--gotta be a good idea, right. Thanks!
I haven't bothered mixing cocktails much in the past but for whatever reason they have appealed to me recently. Trouble is, I know little about them. I'd like to add things (gradually--not really looking to buy out the liquor dept all at once), but I'd like to add things that will make sense. I hate the idea of buying a bottle of something that is only useful for one drink that I only mix once a year. I'll give a brief run down of what I've got, and I'd appreciate...
Just a few things to enter this time, but at least I can keep up the numbers. Probably won’t be in on the next round. Never found the red Union tag with a R, or else I'd have that too. Reindeer mug Mask with Selfie SC that was somewhere between the loudest and the ugliest I could find. Should have grabbed the guy I saw at Aldi this afternoon, he would have won the whole thing.
I felt I had to leave these side by side on the rack.
Ah good. I might even get another chance to go out before then.
When is the deadline? Not posting much this time, but for charity sake, I want to get around to it before time's up.
How many points if the juicy pants are being worn by a male shopper?
Well doneI would happily buy some of TJ's better lines if they fit. Unfortunately it seems that their local market here in Milwaukee requires a negative drop.And my GW has figured out Prada - last one I saw was not 19.99, but 199.99.
I'll play again - although I'm hoping to actually find something to pick up this round rather than just stuff to take photos of. Still, like was said before, it gives me a reason to keep going out to thrift!
New Posts  All Forums: