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Hey, I hear those are popular in ... oh nevermind. Probably shouldn't start that up again. Hope it does well for you.
Definitely was on board with a Boulevardier - first night I had the Campari. I like it very much.As for my choice, there has been a rather consistent theme in the answer... I think 7 suggestions of Cointreau.I'm slow, but I can be taught. Bought the Cointreau. Won't have a chance to do anything with it for a while (beginning of this week will NOT be conducive to drinking) but experimentation and exploration will commence no later than the weekend.
You inspired me, although mine's Rye instead of Bourbon. I'm trying the 1.5 now, and am not sure if I like it better than the 1:1:1. I'll have to have one of those later tonight or more likely tomorrow.
Liking these lately. Deets on yours?
Yep, Cointreau will definitely be next. No point in pinching pennies, either. I saw Combier while grabbing some wine for dinner the other day, but it was the same price as Cointreau. Still haven't seen Marie Brizard anywhere local, and don't think I'll spend any more effort looking. The Negroni (even with Bombay) is starting to grow on me though.
That's a nice suit, if I did pin stripes I might grab it myself.
Sleeves on the shirt? And must it be solid blue, or are some patterns acceptable?
Careful with this. Canter's method usually starts bitter arguments among CI lovers. My own take is that in most applications flaxseed oil will end up leaving a beautiful, hard surface that will not take much abuse. I suppose it would work for a muffin pan or the like, but it ends up flaking for skillets once you start using a spatula in there. Whatever you use, the most important thing is to season with thin coats--kind of like painting a car.
Besides the cost, I actually decided I liked the idea of having a more limited range of exploration. I liked what I read about both the Negroni and the Boulevardier and decided that since my only legit Triple Sec option was the very top shelf, I'd explore the more limited range of Campari for now. You're right though, it is quite limited -- Campari themselves just seem to list the Negroni and a bunch of +juice drinks.What gin would you suggest for a Negroni without...
So I ended up buying Campari. Cointreau was far more expensive at the store I went to, and neither of the less expensive but acceptable Triple Secs I've seen recommended were on the shelf. I used the Campari in both a Negroni and in a Boulevardier (with Rittenhouse). Initial reaction is that I preferred the Boulevardier. The Negroni might just take some getting used to, but it seemed to strongly highlight a couple of flavors to the point of overwhelming everything else....
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