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Be very careful with using any kind of solvent - including alcohol. You can dry out the surface pretty quickly and (especially if the shoes are vintage) you can end up with cracking in short order. Been there, done that.You're basically trying to remove the polish. The conservative approach is going to be to rub it off over time. Warming up the surface gently will make the polish more likely to come off with a rag (but don't get the rag going so fast that you end up...
That's funny, because with the new legislation I'm not even sure you can still smoke across the street at Uhle's (the tobacconist and pipe shop) anymore.
Ugh, I wish. That would be too awesome, and a real chance to save a downtown mall. No, techincally they are in 'Tosa. The Rack is at a new shopping center way out Burleigh & Hwy 45. The Nordstroms is going to be at Mayfair. I was wondering if that mall was having serious hard times, because they had emptied an entire wing right after Christmas. Just sheet rock covering at least 20 store fronts. They are extending the building out into the parking lot, and adding a parking...
PSA: Milwaukee is approaching civilization status. Nordy's Rack opened the other day, and they're building a Nordstroms. Could it be that more good stuff will start showing up in thrifts...in a couple of years?
A deal for these fell through, so they're available again!
Tell him to read the whole thread, start to finish, and then... oh wait, maybe that's a little hard core for a seven year old.Nice story, my 7 son (also 7) hates when we stop at the thrift store. We stop anyway.
Navy with Blue pinstripes, this thing is sweet. Tagged a 45 R, with 40 trousers. Tiny flaw near back pocket on pants, pictured. PTP 24+ SHD 20 BOC 31.5 W 22.5 Ins 29.5 (rise is a little under 12) W 19.5
Pics would help, as would indications of what you'll wear these with. Generically though, I've got mid/dark grey hats with black, with matching (not really an option for you) and with greyish brown bands. All look good. The darker grey hats will be more forgiving I think.I doubt that you're going to get those out completely. You might be able to flatten them out and use some leather product (Lexol, Venetian, something similar) to condition the leather and try to convince...
That SC is hot GMMcL. I suspect, though, that if it won't work for you, it won't work for me. I'm less and less a 40, and closer and closer to a 42 after this long winter.On another note, I have a sweet Brook Bros Golden Fleece suit that I grabbed recently and have finally taken some pics of. Navy with Blue pinstripes, this thing is sweet. Tagged a 45 R, with 40 trousers. [[SPOILER]] PTP 24+SHD 20BOC 31.5W 22.5Ins 29.5 (rise is a little under 12)W 19.5I'm not looking for...
That paisley
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