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A deal for these fell through, so they're available again!
Tell him to read the whole thread, start to finish, and then... oh wait, maybe that's a little hard core for a seven year old.Nice story, my 7 son (also 7) hates when we stop at the thrift store. We stop anyway.
Navy with Blue pinstripes, this thing is sweet. Tagged a 45 R, with 40 trousers. Tiny flaw near back pocket on pants, pictured. PTP 24+ SHD 20 BOC 31.5 W 22.5 Ins 29.5 (rise is a little under 12) W 19.5
Pics would help, as would indications of what you'll wear these with. Generically though, I've got mid/dark grey hats with black, with matching (not really an option for you) and with greyish brown bands. All look good. The darker grey hats will be more forgiving I think.I doubt that you're going to get those out completely. You might be able to flatten them out and use some leather product (Lexol, Venetian, something similar) to condition the leather and try to convince...
That SC is hot GMMcL. I suspect, though, that if it won't work for you, it won't work for me. I'm less and less a 40, and closer and closer to a 42 after this long winter.On another note, I have a sweet Brook Bros Golden Fleece suit that I grabbed recently and have finally taken some pics of. Navy with Blue pinstripes, this thing is sweet. Tagged a 45 R, with 40 trousers. [[SPOILER]] PTP 24+SHD 20BOC 31.5W 22.5Ins 29.5 (rise is a little under 12)W 19.5I'm not looking for...
That paisley
True.And by the way, when I was little my parents took our elderly dog to live on a farm where it could play in the field and chill out in the pond. I always hated that we never got to go visit, but it must have been a really nice life for him.What?!Shut up, it's true!
Maybe it was. He's always seemed pretty comfortable letting folks know what was going on in his life, so other than connecting a few dots I didn't feel like I was saying anything he hadn't said (granted, it was quite a while back). Anyway, the dot connecting was mainly intended to put people at ease that he doesn't totally disappear. I was surprised when he got in touch with me after a 16 month silence. Reuben mentioned being afraid he was getting scammed. I think if Vexco...
I see that most of the posters are low post count, so you haven't been around long enough to have watched vexco's ups and downs. He's a nice guy, but he sometimes runs afoul of the law and is unavailable for mailing stuff out for state determined periods of time. When he is unavailable, his family is unreliable in sending out the packages that are supposed to be mailed out to his loyal customers. I've been there, he still owes me about $25 for a jacket that I tried to buy...
Rittenhouse is good stuff. I should get some absinthe so that I can try a Sazerac.Tried a Ward Eight last night, then mixed up the same thing with Rum instead of Rye because my wife didn't like it with Rye. I may try her with a less assertive whiskey soon, but she may just not like any of them.
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