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I never have, but now I'll have to start!
It's rainin' hats!(Found these a week or so ago, but haven't had a chance to brag them.) I think this was all part of one donation, the store never has hats, but I walked in and all five of these were on the shelf. I left one Towncraft behind, for whoever wanted it. I'm not greedy. [[SPOILER]]
I haven't posted in a while, but I did find one thing that I thought was decent: This for fun (what the heck is a bow tie club?) And a pair of shoes that will fit my 9 year old in six months...for six months !!! And this a week ago. Needs some cleaning, but in good shape.
Who posted a jerkin on here recently, declaring they would be buried with it? I saw one today, but couldn't figure out when I would wear it.
Thanks, I may try that. Here's the collar tag on the one I got:
Long time since I had anything to brag here, but I found my first non-tie Brioni yesterday! Navy suit in pretty much my size so I may keep it. Pants are NOT my size, so I'll have to have them majorly tailored, and the jacket would need work too. Looks like the guy started putting on weight (the trou actually have a section of added material for the waistbank in the back - all that would come out!) About how old is this, based on the tag? I don't recognize anything as a...
I don't see many of Brooks Bros Extra Slim fits around here (I think it has something to do with the cheese and the beer in the Wisconsin diet...) so I picked this up the other day. If anyone is interested let me know and we can make a deal. It really is in very good shape--I suspect the owner outgrew it during the first baseball game after purchasing.
I haven't been out as much lately, but ended a long shell drought yesterday with some vintage longwings.
This is my experience to a T. The only place I go that has a significant difference actually prices suits 15-20 higher than buying the same items separately. Wouldn't you know they do the best job of keeping them together!
Be very careful with using any kind of solvent - including alcohol. You can dry out the surface pretty quickly and (especially if the shoes are vintage) you can end up with cracking in short order. Been there, done that.You're basically trying to remove the polish. The conservative approach is going to be to rub it off over time. Warming up the surface gently will make the polish more likely to come off with a rag (but don't get the rag going so fast that you end up...
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