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I use a Fusion, and for the last two years, have been using coconut oil on my face before I apply the shaving cream. I let the shaving cream (King of Shaves stuff) sit for about 2 minutes before shaving. From that combo, I get an amazingly smooth shave, even at the 2-month mark on the blades.
Quote: Originally Posted by dmash1080 Fagg Some football player I remember having that last name (college?) That was De'Cody Fagg from FSU a few years ago. I would imagine he caught his share of grief over the years. His name pales in comparison to this guy: A OB/GYN named Dick Stiff.......seriously, sometimes the jokes just write themselves.
I'm still on the fence. Like the poster on the wall of X-Files, I want to believe.... At times, it's hard to believe that god does exist, with all of the horrible things done in the name of "religion"....
Personally if I was in your shoes with a BS in Finance, I would be tempted to go to work for a company that has tuition reimbursement and get my MBA on someone else's bill. Realistically, you could have your MBA before you turn 26 without adding to your debt.
How did the one guy actually get 14 bids for a $7.38 gift card? I think you're right, grundle -- we're screwed!!!!
Quote: Originally Posted by Douglas Life is NOT fair, this is true. The silver lining is that you're better off not working at a place that works like that. Best of luck finding a new position at a better firm. Thanks for the wishes -- I agree, I am better off not being there. Every workplace has its politics, but some places are worse than others I suppose.
The fact that I got laid off -- after a decade of working at the same company -- by a female manager who slept with her boss in order to get her job. There is no justice in this world, but there is Karma. And Karma's a humorless bitch.
I feared death when I was a child -- the thought of nothing happening once you are dead kept me awake for more than a few nights. As an adult, I don't fear death in the same way. Yes, I'll be sad when this life is all done, but given that I won't have the ability to dwell on it once I'm dead, it won't be that sad. I often wonder if that's why people are so religious -- the hopes of a "second act".
Damn.....that's the craziest story I've read in a long, long time. Congrats! I've heard of conceiving a child in a car, but never delivering one. Nice job on staying under control!
The ring was beautiful -- I'm not a huge jewelry guy, but it really was stunning. He asked me, before he gave it to her, "Do I tell her?" which I replied "Are you kidding me??" Like the article said, there is no way to visually look at it and think it is anything other than what you think it is, which is a 1.5 carat diamond. I subscribe to Wired, and the issue that that article is in is still at my house. I can remember reading about 10 times, thinking...
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