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Quote: Originally Posted by wannabeagiant Thanks. The shoulders are pretty narrow. I think a medium will fit me well. For shrinking, I would just put it in the washer warm/hot and dry warm/hot. I did this with a wool blazer on warm and it shrunk a little over an inch in sleeves and length. Measure before dryer to see how much it shrunk. thanks just measured again and its like 16.75, not 16.25 at the shoulders.
Quote: Originally Posted by wannabeagiant Was the shoulders measured across the top back like this: Thanks for the help guys. It looks like medium is best. yup thats how i did it can someone advise me on shrinking this thing a little?
16.25 across the shoulders 25.25 sleeves 19 across the chest hope im not too off
here's an even better example of something similar (in look, not quality) but costs 10 ten times as much as the LEC marled blazer. From the recent purchases thread, Ervell Cashmere Blazer
Quote: Originally Posted by blynch shaker shawl is looking really good in the couple fit pics of it, regretting not getting it myself... i got it for dad in a small to account for the supposedly big sizing but its an actual small so its no good for him. on the upside i really dig how its a roomy, thick, warm knit in a nice color and it's like 20 bucks so im keeping it. the marled blazer is pretty good quality and a good way to fake the BoO...
yes that's what i was thinking as i wrote that out. i'm gonna look back at 2010 as the year i was dressed by the internet. oh well, what's the alternative?
if i'm a 7.5 in clarks db's (8 in everything in pretty much all else), would a 7.5 in MMM be too small for me?
Quote: Originally Posted by wangvicous He can probably find CP's at that price if he takes the time. White or black only, preferably Achilles. Not a bad start probably yeah i thought that'd be a good start too so i've been looking for black or white achilles lows or mids from all the retailers mentioned in the CP thread but no luck. I also really like MMMs. Unfortunately while I really dig some of the baller high tops you guys post in here,...
you never hear about people getting mugged for their sneakers anymore, i need to bring this back.
oh i'm a 41/8 usually.
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