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holy cow
im on the lookout for a used dr, anyone know what size would be good for me? i'm 5'8" 140.
pm sent
drops & now open to trades
yeah im 5'8" and that looks like its gonna be big on me :/ im getting this thing for twenty bucks so i guess ill experiment with shrinking it in the wash. what do i do hot water, and hot dry?
how long does it take for them to usually ship out and where do they ship from?
it took me 3 pairs before i found a good fit for me. wasted like 50 bucks in shipping cuz i was too lazy to go to the store
definitely interested in some marled blazer fit pics. i'm 5'8" 140. have a feeling my one LEC purchase ever will be just that...
ordered a bunch of stuff for my dad and took a gamble on a marled blazer for myself. I'm 5'8" 140, hope a small fits.
selling skinny guys broken twills and elephants in 31 in case any of you guys are interested
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