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whoever buys this better wear it underneath a suit
Quote: Originally Posted by PaulYAY it was pretty well established in this thread that Barneys was sold out of Dior jeans for all but the morbidly obese about 3 weeks ago. I don't understand why this topic is cycling through now?? sorry, i think i instigated some of it cuz i just went on a sprint looking for a pair. guess im beat, wish i knew of this a few weeks ago. let's get this thread back on track (unless you know where to get...
Quote: Originally Posted by jet so glad there aren't any diors left
just called every barneys in america and there isn't a single small size diot on sale left anywhere, a few SA's said they were gone after the first markdown.
Quote: Originally Posted by amirrorcrackd I'd suggest just calling the store and speaking to a SA and putting them on hold if they have them. They may be able to ship from another location too. thanks dude, i havn't tried diors on yet so i don't know which ones i'd want :/
Quote: Originally Posted by shibbel FYI, Barney's final mark down is tomorrow. anyone know what price range this puts diors in and whether they'll have smaller sizes in stock in ny if i get there by opening?
Quote: Originally Posted by shibbel I wouldn't think so unless the current full priced batch goes on sale by then. The sale closest to me starts February 3rd at the Rosemont, should be fun. sucks i really wanted to catch a pair.
Quote: Originally Posted by shibbel ^^ If you're talking about Baney's there aren't any left, in terms of discounted merch. As of yesterday 4PM eastern, boston had no 21cm's and few19cm's. edit: now an SA in boston says they have 36, and 38 21cm. i shouldn't expect to find small sizes at the warehouse sale?
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