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yes that's what i was thinking as i wrote that out. i'm gonna look back at 2010 as the year i was dressed by the internet. oh well, what's the alternative?
if i'm a 7.5 in clarks db's (8 in everything in pretty much all else), would a 7.5 in MMM be too small for me?
Quote: Originally Posted by wangvicous He can probably find CP's at that price if he takes the time. White or black only, preferably Achilles. Not a bad start probably yeah i thought that'd be a good start too so i've been looking for black or white achilles lows or mids from all the retailers mentioned in the CP thread but no luck. I also really like MMMs. Unfortunately while I really dig some of the baller high tops you guys post in here,...
you never hear about people getting mugged for their sneakers anymore, i need to bring this back.
oh i'm a 41/8 usually.
i want my first pair of ballin sneakers, pick me a pair guys. disclaimer: noob styleforum boarder max-t is ballin on a budget and will be hard parted with more than $200 right now
can someone advise me on possibly shrinking this marled blazer. i like it but it's just a tad too big so if i can shrink it even like 5-10% i think it'd be good to go.
im goin to uniqlo either tommorrow or thursday so if you need proxy send me your list by noon tomorrow.
they should introduce XS since the stuff seems to run big
holy cow
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