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Yeah I emailed about the khaki tencel pants and haven't heard back
^same :/
Navy Mole Bush Pants From SS11.
Plaid Shorts from SS11
Camo Bush Pants from FW12.
Black W+H Chinos in size 29. These are FW13.
Black W+H Chinos in size 28. These are SS12.
Standard W+H Chinos in size 28. These are SS12.
yeah this is what i did and i'm really happy with the slp though at almost 4 times the cost of a toj. i handled a bunch of second hand toj's and i loved the quality, designs, and construction but none fit just how i liked and i couldn't temper the wait. the prospect of thinking about a jacket for a year was daunting for me. im in for the daypack as the timeline was shorter and more definite.
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