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i have a green one for sale for cheap but it's prob too small on you iirc. sz 46.don't let bieber deter you.
is there any way i can dye a wool varsity jacket black without ruining it? i can get a saint laurent green teddy for $500 was hoping to somehow make it black
would trade a hawaiian for a sz 38 flannel. or any cool slp for that matter.
is barneys at final markdown yet?
if anyone is giving up their small moon mercer or medium charcoal villain hmu
hah. the riders for real look great on me 44-48. 50 may be a lil janky. i'm just under 5'9" 146 at the moment. i'm keeping the black hawaiian in 39 but i'm still deciding on whether to keep a 38 or 40 for the red one.
i wouldn't say it fits particularly slim for slp. the 38-40 all look pretty much the same on me i feel. theyre tailored real slick so that they somehow look slim yet relaxed as a hawaiin shirt should. it's really bad ass. i found the same to be true of the biker jackets. 44-50 look good on me, i went with a 46.
i wear my black one a lot and i've never worn it out without someone complimenting and touching it and i live in north brooklyn where no one wears designer anything and thrift store hawaiin shirts are aplenty.here's a fitpic
^ i gotta disagree
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