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wonder how all that neoprene is doin
that's a great post 4est and i'ma let you finish but the beach boys are the best band of all time. the best band of all time! no such thing as a bad beach boys album. i'ma throw on 20/20 right now.
^oh word? i gotta check that i need a 48. will prob sell the 46 i got a few weeks ago if anyones lookin
^ that's like the best deal of the season. patch bomber is so badass
got some bird shits
got these black suede cropped blakes. ridiculous shoe. pretty rare i don't think i've seen anyone stocking it. got a 40.5 and a 41 keeping the latter. if anyone wants them hmu before i throw them back. 9 bills.
i had the fw13 bikers in 30 and currently have four pairs of 15.5cm's also all in 30. no need to size up.
selling this for a 46 holla
^ for real, i'd gladly pay retail for those or the ss09 summer achilles with gumsoles
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