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damn it i found out about that always never sale too late want that geller hoodie
Wool $105 shipped CONUS, Cotton $65 shipped CONUS1. Wool 38 $105 shipped W: 18.5R: 11I: 33.5 [[SPOILER]] 2. Cotton 38 $65W: 18.5R: 11I: 34 [[SPOILER]] 3. Cotton 32 - $65W: 15.5R: 9I: 32 [[SPOILER]] 4. Cotton 32 - $65W: 16R: 9I: 32 [[SPOILER]]
god damn imageshack
N&F Weird Guy Deep Indigo 29 $125 shipped CONUSWorn a handful of times, no fades, soak, wash etc. [[SPOILER]]
yup but since it got posted on styleforum im sure the dude got flooded with a bunch of offers and im pretty much beat :/
yeah, the seller wants $500+ for them i dunno about that
hmm what do you guys think is a reasonable amount to pay for these? i think they're really dope and i've been in the market for black hi's so im really tempted...
would these look good with shit like 19cm's and petit standards? it's pretty much all i wear day to day..
diors are dope where they at?
if anyone needs a twice worn pair of 7.5 beeswax for super cheap hit me up....
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