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Quote: Originally Posted by melonadejello I'm 5'8.5 and 110lbs holy cow
yeah i dunno whats so weird, i'm 5'8, 40 is a true 8.
Quote: Originally Posted by Adrian101 I'm new to Dior Homme denim, what is the "19cm" referring to? I usually wear a 32 length, and between a 31 to 32 waist in jeans. http://www.superfuture.com/supertalk...ad.php?t=16289
to those i haven't responded to, sorry dudes im having serious issues with paypal and am out of commission while i scramble and try to sort things out and not get screwed. i'll get back to those of you who pm'ed me as soon as i'm able.
Worn a handful of times, mint condition, zero fades. Pics coming shortly though you probably know what you're lookin at. Next day shipping is how I roll. $260 obo
yeah the perf in white and black is pretty awesome imo. not so much on the grey though.
Quote: Originally Posted by melonadejello Yep, should fit nicely thanks dude, that's a relief. got em for $430 down from $625 with today's corner code. it's my consolation price for losing out to you on the white gat's (which im still praying you'll pass on to me).
got these raf's, ordered them in a 7, hoping they fit the same as cp's in which im a 40.
Quote: Originally Posted by mischief I know some of you been waitin on TheCorner.com PRIVATESALE@SS11US 30% selected items omg i love you
what kind of milk are you guys drinking
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