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thx guys. guess i'll wait a bit and see. if any of you dudes get word of a code and remember me, plz drop a line lookin to get a bunch of stuff.
ive asked a bunch of times, but does corner have codes?
i really can't believe my luck on this one. after relentless searching for months i miss a new pair by a cunnyhair. where's the hanging urself emoticon?
whoever bought it, if you change your mind plz for the love of god hit me up i've been lookin for these forever....
pm sent hope i got dibs on these
awww dude that sucks. i got my washed blacks and they're awesome. hope they can fix ur order at least
oh well ill drop by anyway. i basically only want some nice shorts.
i'll be at the gant thing tmrw if one of you guys need somthin drop me a pm
stopping by uni tmrw to buy a crapload of v necks and socks for the summer. let me know if any of you guys need anything.
this jacket for under 500 is ridiculous
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