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hit me up
any working codes for the corner?
anyone know where i can find green rafstros in 7? looks like it's the only size yoox is missing :/
Quote: Originally Posted by Kagemusha LMAO at karmaguy stating the EXACT same thing as me over an hour later. Way to read! breathe bro, breathe
how do you know whether you're getting hit up by customs?
Quote: Originally Posted by herzzreh Anything left at APC sale? Worth making a trek from my wasteland of Staten Island? Sent from my SPH-D700 using Tapatalk st george over here what up brah
shit hope i don't get hit with anything....
Quote: Originally Posted by kwoyeu Yeah I think that's when the sale ends. I ordered from them before and didn't get charged customs. But then I never got charged customs ordering from anywhere else so .... how long did it take your order to come in? im also in ny
i put a little nick into the toe of my summer white cp's and now it's like a perpetual black speck on my shoe, anything i can do?
grabbed the washed blacks in 40. 3rd pair of cp's in 2 months lol.
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