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diors are dope where they at?
if anyone needs a twice worn pair of 7.5 beeswax for super cheap hit me up....
just got my black polo from acrimony, great quality and fit as usual.
just got a pair of 29's in deep indigo weird guys and think i could've sized down more. i'm a 30 in skinnyguy and 28 in 19cm dior. Prolly should've went with a 28 here too. Gonna throw these up on b&s :/
Quote: Originally Posted by artishard116 sure, those cp's work out? yup, they're great dude thanks again. p.s. that r&b record im workin is gettin mixed n mastered now i'll send it over to you soon, would like to know what you think
Quote: Originally Posted by artishard116 Good deal on petit standards on ebay: 139$, shipped free, lots of sizes. thanks dude, been lookin for a pair of 28's at discount. had a paypal coupon so I got these for $120 shipped.
yeah that seems pretty damn unlikely
kinda in the market for apc ps 28's
yo d im about to know whether i landed a baller job early next week, if i got it and this thing is still here i'm buyin it.
these are cool, might kop if drops happen
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