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i already bought and paid with paypal and he said it's shipped. man this is gonna be the worst...
oh fuck did this happen on the sf? did paypal get ppl their money back?he said "Hi, the jacket is absolutely authentic, directly from my clothing store in Italy. I will ship today your size 48. Remember to leave a good feedback when you will receive it. Many Thanks."anyone else ask for a 48 that he claims to have shipped? that'd probably be a give away since he said he only has one in each size.
haha all sold in minutes after i postted. 48 is mine. here's to a miracle and these being legit
does this look legit to you guys? the price is really low for slp leathers http://www.ebay.com/itm/121254676470 did they make these in both calf and lamb?
i think the size 48 trucker is a tad too big on me. might be down to sell it for what i got it for at barneys which was like 230. hit me up if you're interested.
should i take a 31 in the SL skinny is i'm a 29 in DH?
can someone recommend a brooklyn tailor?
yep bball is too small on me.
i'm 5'8" 140-5 and have the trucker in a 48 and it fits almost perfect. sleeves are about 3/4 too long. would a tailor mess that up?
holy shit what is this
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