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if anyone wants to trade a 46 long plaid for a 48 hmu
considering the thomas coat. are there any us stockists? would like to try it on. feel like i may be too short for it at 5'9"
yeah where at
should i take a small in the flannel if im a small in the shirts? it's not like the hoodie/sweatshirt sizing right?
fml i'm always lateon the upside i got last seasons zip blazer and richard jacket for $220 total yesterday
those look wack, that really sucks. mine also came from lvr but im on vacay. guess ill be sending them back.
this and the waxed foul weather bomber are the only W+H pieces i've kept after being head to toe in the shit in 2011
there's one 28 left for pre order on the barneys website..anyone see aw13 knee blowouts in 30 plz hmu
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