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my khaki tencel bomber is coming apart after less than 10 wears :/
oh god. my total was like $2400. i don't have to pay if i refuse the delivery right?
are the sz III coats too small for me at 5'8" 145?
ah crap. should've checked the thread earlier. i ordered like 2k+ worth of stuff might have to just refuse the package
anyone get hit with customs from end clothing?
im going to LA tomorrow. is there anywhere i can track down a choarcoal villain in s or m?
man i would pay out the ass for aw13 destroyed in 30
just hoping for a good beater i can wear when it's wet out
well i didn't get either of those zip up blazers off zozo but i got what appears to be a parka for 60 (???) bucks anyone have any info on this thing?
am i wrong in thinking you can't really tailor that shirt down because it'd mess up the print? would kop if that was possible
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