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whoa my friend photographed that ssense model dude recently. coool http://doasplit.tumblr.com/post/77837245225/paul-boche-jessamine-bell-by-danny-lane and yeah slp hoodies/shirts/tops fit purposely short said the SA at the nyc flagship. i've got a black plain pullover hoodie in small. i don't mind the shortness but the tightness of the hem gives my shirt underneath a tutu effect. still my fave hoodie though.
anyone stocking the grey limas in small anytime soon?
yeah the plonge looks good. does it fit smaller? i have an slp calf bomber that fits perfect in a 48, but last time i tried the biker i was a 46.
oops missed the grey limas in my size whose stocking them next?
ah thanks dude. love it but it ends up being 1500 more than farfetch after taxes. gonna lay off for now.
anyone see this bomber in a 46 or 48 anywhere? ive only seen it on farfetch in big sizes
the hawaiin shirt is really really sick
in my experience that doesn't really work. i dont want to keep adjusting my collar area like a wedgie
the neck on the saint laurent sweatshirt pullovers' is similar. i feel like it looks a mess if you wear anything visible underneath it. even wifebeaters poke out and look sloppy.
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