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i don't wear anything cardigan, shawl collared or blazer/jacket and the ss14 richard has become one of my favorite pieces and gets a lot of wear because i don't feel dressed up or preppy in it
so lame
whoa great job guys. how do you buy from b-2nd?
whoa thank you will report back
i finally tracked down a toj fishtail and it's so sick, fits perfect. i want to line it with fur yeezus style, anyone have any ideas how i can do that in nyc?
is the navy thomas coat actually the blue/purple color?
i would love to have omakase if i knew drew had more time on his hands for this sort of thing
if anyone wants to trade a 46 long plaid for a 48 hmu
considering the thomas coat. are there any us stockists? would like to try it on. feel like i may be too short for it at 5'9"
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