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well i didn't get either of those zip up blazers off zozo but i got what appears to be a parka for 60 (???) bucks anyone have any info on this thing?
am i wrong in thinking you can't really tailor that shirt down because it'd mess up the print? would kop if that was possible
just found a pair for 450 after looking for months. out of nowhere i saw a pair in my size pop back up on ssense. i immediately copped only to have them cancel it and say it was a mistake. this is def my favorite slp shoe so far.
yeah i tried getting either one a minute after melo posted and both my orders got cancelled
whoa copped. big thanks melo. was looking for a black zip blazer for a minute
man this is exactly how i remember my grandma dressing in the ukrainian boonies 25 years ago
The guy I bought It from liked to soak himself in drakkar noir :/
thank guys. everyone (even you fuuma) has been really helpful. i'm sorry if i'm coming across as sheisty or something but i'm pretty devastated over it. i've never had a piece of clothing ruined so spectacularly.
how am i supposed to know if they're negligent or not? i gave them a mint jacket that now looks like it's covered in sulfur and has 4 holes in it. they must've not followed the care tags.i don't know how much money i'd need to have to take this loss as gracefully as you seem to have taken yours, fuuma. i suppose i need to stack some more paper so i don't have to resort to being a cunt.
yeah. i guess you would just eat it cuz hey it's wacky world and cleaners just ruin $2k jackets sometimes. i'd rather "be a cunt" and try to sue.
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