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yeah i was forced to go see the worst band ever at death by audio last night and i had to find ways of amusing myself
i still wear my white painted gats from 2011 at least once or twice a week
meh not really
if anyone wants a charcoal zip blazer 48 hmu im goin 46
phrosties supposedly got shut down but i still have the hook up if you guys want to get down i can place an order for the meetup.
if i'm typically a 41 in common projects. will i be ok with a 40.5 in the cropped blake boots?
srsly can never tell if im gonna be a 44 or 48 in geller
got a charcoal zip in 48 that's a bit too big. would rather trade for a 46 in whatever color than tailor. hmu
pay up front. i tried paying duties myself and they 3x as much.chad to return and reorder.
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