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i wear my black one a lot and i've never worn it out without someone complimenting and touching it and i live in north brooklyn where no one wears designer anything and thrift store hawaiin shirts are's a fitpic
^ i gotta disagree
anyone looking for a black hawiin bnwt in 40 50% off hmu
anyone get hit with customs ordering from to the us?
i sized down to a 44 this seasons khaki tencel flights and they're still a little big on me
Black hawaiin is my favorite piece of the season, I wear it all the time.
lol @ brobrobrobro
i've had the opposite experience with the general and ready to wear manager SA's at the new york far they'vea) perfectly tailored a pair of 17.5 raws into a 15.5 with a 48 hour turn aroundb) tracked a pair of destroyed jeans in 30 when they were sold out everywherec) tracked a pair of suede cropped blakes in 41 that were sold out everywhered) tailored 4 pieces and counting that i've bought elsewheree) have a dude personally deliver all the tailored/ordered...
wonder how all that neoprene is doin
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