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crap, i ordered the same size as i do tanks/tees :/
yeah i dunno torso looks spot on. i have the same problem with the arms on this seasons bombers. i tried sizing down. didn't work.
if anyone was looking for destroyeds in a 31 hmu before i return mine to the slp boutique. 800ish. got bikers for sale too in 31 too but dey expensiveeeee Edit: both sold
are there any plans for lima sweats and shorts to come in XS? next season(s)? love the grey/white duos hope i can get them in my size at some point
I'm a small in everything but villain and got the mesh hoodie and tank in small. Aaaaand the grey exclusives. Love this stuff.
yeah i dunno about this either. i'm 5'8" and can't tell whether i should hem or not. will post pics later.
return that
anyone stocking the cropped blakes in suede?
du hast mesh
nooooooooo meshhhhhhhh
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