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is gold hardware available?
are the limas going to get stocked in xs this season?
Yeah i love them but I just don't wear em anymore. Just Sold the 42. 41's left and I'm thinkin bout ittttt
do you guys think it'd be ok to tailor down a size 39 shirt to a 38 or would that be messing with the cut?
those are really dope. i've got two pairs of the originals i never wear. prob gonna sell them.
didn't work out. my shoulders were too big for the 46. looked real tight and goofy because of the shoulder pads. didn't know about the shoulder pads. pretty bummed, the suit was very nice.
i work out too. the problem is all in the forearm, it fits perfect from the elbow up. my wrists and forearms are pretty skinny and arms not all that long at 5'8". it doesn't by any means look bad especially on a slouchy bomber. i'll post pics. different story for something like the richard though.
that looks just right dude. i don't get why so many wants these so tight. not a good look.
yeah theres like zero chance the slp suits hit 50% on a 46 right?^just read this post so i think i mighti get to try it out before anyway just gotta drive half an hour.
hey guys i'm in need of another suit and i can get a nwt slp suit for $1200 right now. i only have one other suit -- a band of outsiders size 1 and it first almost perfect, just a tad tight in the chest and arms because i work out. would the slp 36 fit me alright? i'm 5'8" 143.
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