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is that chino overalls i see?
i have a baseball that's perfect in lengths but too small in p2p. can't fix that without butchering can i?
is m porter going back on sale anytime soon?
anyone? is this thing really sold out everywhere at like full retail? :/
yeah everything is 48ish
if i'm a 29 in mij 19cm raws, none of those will fit me without popping a testicle right? i have those clawmarks in 28 and i can't get in them. selling them for 80 bucks less as well.
oh snap don't tempt me
anyone see the fritz moto leather in a 48?
anyone see any black pullover of zip ups in medium anywhere? also is medium too small for 5'8" 145 if i don't want an overly slim fit?
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