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i wear S in everything except hoodies/sweatshirts (M). i'm 5'9" 140 so i guess i need xs in courts and kendo which is nowhere to be found :/
any planned restock on kendo tights or court shorts? how do court shorts run? i wear size small in almas
SS15 Geller Long Chambray Blue 46 $300 SS14 Geller Dip Dye 46 $180 FW14 Grey Herringbone Easy Pants 46 $200 sold SS14 Geller Khaki Flight Pants 44 $300 FW14 Geller Grey Richard Jacket 46 FW14 Geller Horizon Shirt 46 $100 Geller Leather Pants 48 $250 FW14 Geller Lounge Coat 36 $220 sold FW14 Geller Grey Mesh Knit Tank 48 $100 Geller Tan Bomber 48 $180 FW14 Geller Grey Zip Blazer 46 $200 SS14 Geller Tan Zip Blazer 46 $180 FW14 Geller Blue Wool SS Shirt $100 
that's julia cumming from a brooklyn band called sunflower bean
chambray is sick. got a 46 and 48 as i was a 48 in the FW long flannel but i'm keeping the 46on this one. if anyone wants my 48 before i send it back hmu
White Villain M - 170 Atrium Exclusive White Villain Crew M - 180 Flash Dual Zip Light Grey M - 140 sold Grey Escobars XS - 100 Black Escobars XS - 100 sold Grey & White Lima S - 80 sold Grey Mesh Tank S - 40
got a nwt one for sale hmu
ehhh, i don't wanna be a complainer, it doesn't really require much rectifying, i can just bring them into a laundromat myself and sew up the pocket. the quilted stuff was a real issue. it was a cosmetic not really fixable. this not so much. i love JE, shit happens. weird that the whole pocket came apart like that though. got these from atrium as well.
man the pocket of my alma's came apart and my keys slipped through and got lost last night at 1am. waited at a bar till 2am in sweatpants then stood outside in the freezing cold for two hours until my roommate got home then had to get up at 7:30am. fml
New Posts  All Forums: