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tights restocking anytime? still lookin for an xs
ah crap. anyone know of XS kendos in stock anywhere?
i wear S in everything except hoodies/sweatshirts (M). i'm 5'9" 140 so i guess i need xs in courts and kendo which is nowhere to be found :/
any planned restock on kendo tights or court shorts? how do court shorts run? i wear size small in almas
SS15 Geller Long Chambray Blue 46 $300 SS14 Geller Dip Dye 46 $180 FW14 Grey Herringbone Easy Pants 46 $200 sold SS14 Geller Khaki Flight Pants 44 $300 FW14 Geller Grey Richard Jacket 46 FW14 Geller Horizon Shirt 46 $100 Geller Leather Pants 48 $250 FW14 Geller Lounge Coat 36 $220 sold FW14 Geller Grey Mesh Knit Tank 48 $100 Geller Tan Bomber 48 $180 FW14 Geller Grey Zip Blazer 46 $200 SS14 Geller Tan Zip Blazer 46 $180 FW14 Geller Blue Wool SS Shirt $100 
that's julia cumming from a brooklyn band called sunflower bean
chambray is sick. got a 46 and 48 as i was a 48 in the FW long flannel but i'm keeping the 46on this one. if anyone wants my 48 before i send it back hmu
White Villain M - 170 Atrium Exclusive White Villain Crew M - 180 Flash Dual Zip Light Grey M - 140 sold Grey Escobars XS - 100 Black Escobars XS - 100 sold Grey & White Lima S - 80 sold Grey Mesh Tank S - 40
got a nwt one for sale hmu
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