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got a nwt one for sale hmu
ehhh, i don't wanna be a complainer, it doesn't really require much rectifying, i can just bring them into a laundromat myself and sew up the pocket. the quilted stuff was a real issue. it was a cosmetic not really fixable. this not so much. i love JE, shit happens. weird that the whole pocket came apart like that though. got these from atrium as well.
man the pocket of my alma's came apart and my keys slipped through and got lost last night at 1am. waited at a bar till 2am in sweatpants then stood outside in the freezing cold for two hours until my roommate got home then had to get up at 7:30am. fml
hold up so the daypacks have pebbled calf?
got daypack tracking
and yeah those shoulders are no good dude
i have red baby cats in 45 pm if you're interested
just post your social security number and i'll check for you
nah only you
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