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i'd like to participate here but i don't know how to take pictures. is there an efficient noob way to get a good accurate pic on my own? i've got an iphone and a small new york living room to work with :/
im really confused about this because i have a flight calf slp bomber that fits perfect in 48 but i tried on the 44 rider and it fit almost perfect, just a tiny bit snug. have yet to try on a 46...
in for the daypack. can i still get gold hardware on a dr? thinkin a black lamb 2010 with gold hardware might be cool?
lets have some details on the mesh hoodies soon plz
all the materials and textures are really nice and i really like them but everyone i've showed this pair to over the weekend wasn't impressed. the sizing is really crazy, i wasn't expecting this although i've never handled any rgXcp. i'm a 40/41 in cp and unless the difference between the 41 and 42 is drastic i'm probably going to need a 43. here's some pics i just snapped.
^ such a bummer man. if anyone sees them anywhere please let me know :/ i got the track sneaks in and theres a huge sizing discrepancy. i couldn't even fit a third of my foot in. think i'm gonna have to go up two sizes on this one if i want to keep the insole in.
has anyone seen the khaki flight pants in a 44 anywhere? is it possible that only one 44 was bought by a retailer? fml
yep i did. got the 41's. i really liked these track sneaks in black when they came out but couldn't track one down in my size. was really glad to see it pop up again as a geller collab. hope i like it as much in person.
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