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I'm going to have to side against seiko. I own a diver model with a invisible clasp. The thing would not not stay closed. This was a quartz model (it was a christmas gift form a girlfriend) and we sent it back for repair well got a bill back for 100 dollars plus and the rudeness of their repair department was unbelievable. Basically they made my girlfriend cry. So I ended up fixing it myself by jury rigging it, went out on a wave runner with it and it stopped working....
Maybe something like Carharrt work pants would work good. Dickies what have you.
My oldest pair of jeans is a pair of Kratts (?) I got back I think in 98. Washed a million times and still going strong. I cant comment on todays Diesels but those were gold.
I would have to agree with you in the case of "street wear" or casual wear. Of course jeans are even purposely designed anti-fit. From both spectrums. You got the new nut-hugger slim to super baggy. Look at steven alan who has done this with the dress shirt a bit. And yes you have to be in shape for this not to be sloppy. I actually buy certain jeans in different sizes for this effect. I think you can look too polished. Don't the Japanese have a word or something...
Blue Star is an option. Connected to the old Garland Stoves.
the cow tippng is a trick question, since they sleep laying down and since a good cow weighs 1000 + it would take a good son of a bitch to do it anyways.
So there is a Club Monaco opening in Minneapolis. Is it worth checking out? Anything to differentiate from banana or j crew? The reason I ask is its opening in Mall of America which I look forward to going to as much a dentist.
Please dont tuck your jeans in your boots.
Kabbaz you should come to the midwest were all that size. 6' 210 36 inch waist here. Its the german food I tell ya.
I am a chronic mispeller. However I bet my moms hot dish beats your moms.
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