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I wish it was that easy in NYC.
Snagged a pair of Infrared 6s yesterday for $270 via eBay. Should arrive tomorrow. I might try my luck next week for a second pair on release date.
My pair arrived:
Ordered my pair via eBay yesterday, should arrive on Wed.I'd rather pay $50 above retail for a guarantee pair than battle bots on release date.
11/8 Can't wait.
Films I saw at the New York Film Festival: Gone Girl: A- (Would've gotten an A if the ending wasn't a tad bit peculiar.) Inherent Vice: D (PTA's worst film to date.) Foxcatcher: A (Steve Carrell's performance is phenomenal.) Birdman: A (Favorite film of the festival. This film reminded me why I fell in love with the cinema, all around great & enjoyable film.) Films I'm anticipating: NightCrawler Interstellar (Nov. 3rd can't come fast enough) American Sniper
Really ? I e-mailed them as well and promptly received a code.
New Posts  All Forums: