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Finally got my Wholecut Oxfords from Meermin Glad I went with my normal size which is a UK6.
Same.I won a pair of Wholecut Oxford Meermin's yesterday from eBay for $122.They should arrive next week and I'm praying the fit is good.
Here's the best pic of the "Carta" colorway I could find:
Mohawk in LA
CP Achilles Low Bordeaux $174
Let me help those with sizing issues. If you wear a size: US 7/7.5 = 39 US 8/8.5 = 40 US 9/9.5 = 41 US 10/10.5 = 42 US 11/11.5 = 43 US 12/12.5 - 44 US 13/13.5 = 45
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