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Went to the NYFF last weekend to see "Manchester By The Sea" & "Moonlight". MBTS had everyone in the entire theater crying their eyes including me. Haunting film about family tragedy and grief. Casey Affleck performance is down right excellent. All the Oscar talk on Affleck for Best Actor is 100% justified. Highly Recommend everyone see this film when it releases next month. Moonlight is another exceptional film. Told in three parts about a boy that's dealing with...
My Banned 1s came in yesterday:
$220 for glitter patent leather XI's ? No Thanks.
Ssense sale widens as time passes. Patience fellas.
Code works except on the sneaker I want.
My duties fee was $26.56 for a $325 bomber jacket I bought from Oki-Ni last week.My first ever paying such fee.
TBS code didn't work on the various items I had in my bag. And doesn't TBS usually release codes around Black Friday. Seems odd to drop one now, but crazier things have happened.
That Oki-Ni code came right on time !
My prediction: $12K per pair at the minimum.
New Posts  All Forums: