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@ those White/Black OG AJ1s.
Much rather have the retros from 99-2001 when quality was top tier.
Shape is subpar compared to the 94 Retro.
Better than Blk/Reds, not quite. But certainly a very underrated shoe. I was able to grab a pair before the resale value skyrocketed.Passing on the Carmines. Never was a fan of that color-way.
2013 Royal 1s are fetching between $600 - $1000.
2001 AJ1 Blk/Red
I see my Tyler Durden comment ruffled a few feathers. To each is own. Anyway, Does anyone do a certain amount of push-ups everyday ? I'm clocking in 600 a day currently doing 10 sets of 60. Each week I add 10 reps to each set. Hoping to be doing 10 sets of 100 by the first week in a May.
Week 6 Progess Pic: I took week 7 off to give my body a break. Starting back today doing 2-a-days for one week just to see how my body reacts from it. FYI Tyler Durden is my ideal goal physique.
I went to the Epic Experience at The Barclays last night: - Common performed "The Ladder" "Get Em High" "Universal Mind Control" - GRRM (Standing Ovation). Hodor (Huge Applause). Shae (Beautiful in person). Arya (Adorable). Sam (Funny, cool dude) answered Facebook questions. - GRRM gave away an iron throne. Guy who won ordered GRRM to finish the books. - They gave away free t-shirts to everyone that attended. - Free photos to those who wanted to sit on the iron throne. I...
Dark Denim Western Shirt & Light Chambray Buffalo Western.
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