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I have some TM Lewin casual shirts with checked pattern and a pleat on the back. What would the best way to have these slimmed? I have never been to a tailor but want a idea if what's going to be done. I don't know if darts are a problem with patterns, and most darted shirts don't seem to have the pleated back. The collar and arm length of these shirts is great, so I'd rather have them tailored slim rather than sent back for a refund since they came overseas.
Has anybody had a pair of the Wrangler Slim Fit Rigid Cowboy Cut jeans? I'm needing some decently slim but not "skinny" jeans that can take some wear at work. The knees on average Levis get ate up within weeks. Wranglers are thicker denim and half the price, but I still want to look decent. Other suggestions on durable slim fit jeans under about 50 bucks are welcome.
Yes I understand, but since its a Men's Style forum I didn't know if talking a bit about girls fashion from the time would be stepping on any toes Or rules here.I have been reading through the thread but out of the 327 pages I'm only around page 70 (at least from a phone), so far many pictures are dead links. I'm asking for some pictures mostly to show my girl. Perhaps more will pop up if I keep reading.Thanks
The problem with the Levis is that 513s are becoming difficult to find for some reason, at least in my size and color preferences. I'm not too comfortable with spending 70 bucks on Levis when I know they don't have the longest lifespan since I'm a fairly active person. So if there's some alternatives out there with a similar fit I'd really like to check them out. Those Uniqlo are right at the price, maybe the slim fit although its straight leg. Perhaps the 508s will...
I know this is a men's fashion topic, but do we have any good pictures demonstrating skinhead or mod gal fashions? You can't find much online besides the typical tomboy chelsea/braces/Fred Perry look from more recent eras.
I know nothing about jeans. I have a pair of Levi's 513s that fit great but I can't seem to find them around 50 bucks anymore in the colors I like. I've tried 514s, too baggy on the calves and ankles, and 511s are too snug. I've got some 508s on the way but they don't appear to really be my fit, got them on a good discount from Macy's online so they have a good return policy if they aren't for me. I'm an average build but slim guy, not exactly skinny. 190lbs a hair...
These look great. Thanks!
Thanks, this is a good price. Anybody here have their donkey jacket? Since it's coming overseas I may grab one of those as well to save on shipping. Are they a looser fit or fairly slim looking on an average build?
Thanks! I took a shot and ordered some on the 5 for 160 sale, added an additional 15% off. 5 shirts for 136, can't beat that.
Whoa, didn't expect to come across a 650 page long thread on this here. Hello fellas. Anybody want to point me towards some budget Harringtons available in the US with decent build quality? Tried Merc and Warrior... not thrilled with either but don't have the coin to drop 200+. I'm looking around 100 150 bucks. The Orvis weatherbreaker looks decent, any experience?
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