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I'm thinking of commissioning a polo coat (double breasted, peak lapels, 6 buttons, full wrap around belt). Originally, I was thinking of staying with the traditional camel hair, but am wondering if that might be much. I work in a conservative finance environment and was wondering if I might be better off going with a navy color. Is that ever done in a polo style with belt? I already have a black cashmere chesterfield coat, so wouldn't be my only one. Thoughts?
I think you should order the swatches. The colors on monitors can look very different than the actual colors. I would throw another into the mix - the lavender cashmere / silk. It's a very unique color and wonderful to the touch.
Can't speak to others, but I think the viccel socks are pretty good value. I've tried a number of different manufacturers and just prefer 100% natural fibers (cotton and wool). All alternatives are at least 50% more expensive than viccel. If properly sized the socks stay up all day and are very comfortable. I used to had wash, but now separate bag and gentle wash in the washing machine. The colors stay vibrant and a set of socks usually last the full year without a lot of...
I have both Chipp2 and hober grenadines. The Chipp2 grenadines are only available in the fina variety. Additionally, they are all approx. 3.10 inch wide and 57.5 inch legnth. They have a much lighter interlining than the hobers. At the price point they are excellent ties, but I think it's hard to compare something off the shelf vs. something that is completely customizable. Since buying Hober's, I have personally not purchased another grenadine from Chipp2.
Requesting a quote on Hanover oxfords 10.5 EEE in bourbon calf thanks
I wear a 10.5 EEE on the Allen Edmonds 0 last. Any thoughts on what might be suitable fit?
Good to know. I was just thinking about an order with them given the price point. Will look instead at Meermin
I found myself traveling a lot last year. Picked up a pair of the Allen Edmond graysons - super easy at the airport and can be dressed up or down as appropriate.
True - only really two - Syed Bawkher and Vaish are the only ones. They are very good for the price point.
Many of the top Indian tailors will not work on material that is not purchased from them. As tailoring costs are so low, they typically make their margin on the cloth they sell. The top end guys do carry dormeuil, loro piana, etc.
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