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Team mocha with rivets
Ok I'm in for a cinnamon Heirloom with wooden buttons. I'm 6'0" and 150 lbs. I fit Epaulet small shirts in the shoulders and chest. Arms could use another 1/2 inch, but as is is close enough. I ordered a size 38 + 1 inch arms and length. Does this sound reasonable? Hard to judge by the listed measurements due to the stretchy nature of the sweater.
Got in on the madness (one of the tie 3 packs). Will get the Mrs. to get the kids to wrap em up and say it's from them for Xmas. Can't wait till use em in the new year!
I had a trucker jacket made out of it. I like it. Midweight....a bit crunchy when you first get it, but softens up. The slubbiness is only noticeable up close.
Thanks for the help guys....crap...no more mediums
Some sizing help on the EPLA Tees that hit the sales section. 150 lbs 6 Feet tall. Small or Medium?
I have that slubby material made into a Jean Jacket. That pair of pants is an accurate representation of color. The only thing that may not show well is the little nubs prevalent throughout the fabric. I like it because it is a slight departure from the deep monotone indigo that is in favor right now.
Just paid for a wool blend A1 Blouson to be made. I don't think I've seen anyone else order one. Here's to being a guinea pig.
That DB quilted coat and tie look awesome. Speaking of ties seems like the pricing for the high quality wool ties seem to be 49.99. Any chance of doing grenadine at this price? Custom legnth and width grenadine would be highly compelling at this price point. I think chipp2 and the knottery currently sit at this range (no customization of course).
In for the Herringbone Overcoat....this is going to be for my wife so let's see how Luxire does for a feminine frame.
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