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I have that slubby material made into a Jean Jacket. That pair of pants is an accurate representation of color. The only thing that may not show well is the little nubs prevalent throughout the fabric. I like it because it is a slight departure from the deep monotone indigo that is in favor right now.
Just paid for a wool blend A1 Blouson to be made. I don't think I've seen anyone else order one. Here's to being a guinea pig.
That DB quilted coat and tie look awesome. Speaking of ties seems like the pricing for the high quality wool ties seem to be 49.99. Any chance of doing grenadine at this price? Custom legnth and width grenadine would be highly compelling at this price point. I think chipp2 and the knottery currently sit at this range (no customization of course).
In for the Herringbone Overcoat....this is going to be for my wife so let's see how Luxire does for a feminine frame.
I'm thinking of buying a pair of the Solovair Vanilla Nubuck shoes and dying them brown. My experience in dying shoes encompasses all looking at some youtube tutorials. Anyone want to talk me off of this potential sartorial disaster? Am I being cray cray here?
I just got a denim jacket and a pair of grey flannel pants. Pleased with the jacket. Pants have to go back (long drawn out story that I won't get into). I just wanted to mention to anyone thinking of ordering the 99.99 flannel pants. They are incredibly thick. Think of material used for an overcoat. These pants are thicker than all of the other tweed, donegal, wool and other winter weight pants I own. This is great for some, not so great for others.
If it cost $300 to make it fit a normal person sell it for $200 to make it a $600 life lesson...someone will jump on it and even with tailoring they are getting a decent deal on a new TOJ.
Your old dummy looked like Don Johnson circa Miami Vice crossed with Patrick Nagel paintings.
Money collected by Luxire for my grey flannel pants (work has begun). About a 4 week wait from when I first sent in a sample pair to be replicated (so figure about 1 week to get to India). Seems pretty fast to me.
Before I ordered a pair I thought Walts were going to be super high rise. The measurements listed say 12.5". I have quite a few pairs and finally got around to measuring them (they fit just like any other dress pants so I wasn't "feeling" the high rise phenomenon). I measured many pairs of my Walts and keep getting a rise measurement of 10". No complaints, I like how they fit, but just wondering if I'm going crazy or something. Measuring the front rise should be...
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