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Those are rad, but would prob get worn less than 3-4x/year for me in LA =/ good luck!
I'm wearing a matka as we speak (from a diff maker) and it definitely has a bit more density to it. The extra thickness definitely makes it feel "shorter" in overall length... just more goes into the knot - for me this is great, because I'm short so even 58" ties I usually have to do double four in hand - with this particular tie I do a normal four in hand... which ends up allowing this tie to tie as nice a knot as any in my wardrobe.
First time ordering from Vanda... got the two pocket squares below and a sample set of swatches to see what I want to grab next... disclaimer: pics taken on iPhone camera, so quality is not great... the cream PS is actually richer in color than I was expecting and the Turqoise one a bit more washed out in colors than I thought it would be... which I actually is going to make it work a lot better for me now that I'm seeing it. Excited to put these two in play. Blue...
Damn these are SICK - unfortunately (or fortunately, considering I have too many dress shoes) larger side of 7.5 is a good enough reason to move along... quick question though... the buckles on the shoes, are they in a gold finish? Ugh these are rad.
great looking and great color... sometimes i wish it wasn't so hot here all the time so i could jump on stuff like this.
Well, here's the thing - I'm short as shit... 5'5 to be exact... so all my 37XS jackets have to be shortened an extra inch (yeah, 1.5-2" additional off "short" jackets). So with my sportcoats I've taken off an extra 1/2" from that and it's always looked great... but I usually am wearing even more tailored pants, no tie, etc. I go with a more casual look altogether, so it ties in well. Also, if it changes anything, I'm 29 years old, and I run my own jewelry store... so I'm...
I've never done MTM with KW but I have with other companies in regards to sports coats... I usually go slightly shorter length but that's because sport coats for me are also used in more casual settings too - I don't get way too fashion forward as I like to wear them on casual days at work too, but a little bit shorter than my normal suit length has always worked really well for me, FWIW.
Academic love those jackets, especially the blue linen blend - who's that by?
I would take both of those ties if they weren't wool - I can barely justify wearing my 9oz linen sportcoats much less a wool tie in our constant heat. Good luck with the sale! Someone in a colder weather climate is gonna LOVE those.
So I've always been a white linen PS guy (I hardly ever wear my suit jackets so the white linen has been more than sufficient). I recently purchased a couple nice sportscoats to wear at work sans tie so I wanted to get more into PS... Love Vanda's stuff and wanted to get a few, let me know what your thoughts on these PS are and which would be most versatile/easy to wear or if you have any warnings/expectations I should have in regards to any of them... any advice or...
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