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Got my 4 black label shirts and tie (from another thread) and love them! The quality of the shirts look great and the tie, which I am wearing now, has a wonderful feel and ties a great knot/dimple. Thanks!
I would be all about this if it wasn't consistent 80+ degrees here 10 months out of the year.
Have been thinking about buying a bow tie for a couple weeks now, saw this thread - didn't know it was getting popular. Couple questions - someone mentioned not to wear them with a 2 button suit? Is that true? Any insight on choosing between cotton/linen/silk and specific tie types beyond personal preference?
this is probably exactly it:http://www.styleforum.net/t/331482/charvet-and-drakes-ties-all-nwt/0_30
Replacement battery on Eco Drive will run you around $50-$70 just FYI.
stop bickering over every thing, you guys sound like little ninnies
having trouble loading these pics, not sure if its just me..
This is a shot in the dark, but what the hell...I saw a Patek with this similar styling a few years ago (before I really became a WIS) in a display at a Torneau... I didn't handle it, simply admired it for a minute.It looked similar to this in terms of the most basic points - black leather band, white dial, black hands and markers...The rest I don't remember, but seeing this watch reminded me of that watch, which looked similar to it but perhaps a bit more simple.Any...
$25 is fair and a standard price. You will go in, try the shirts on, and she will pin them on your body - you will actually see how it will look before she does the work. She can re-pin looser or tighter as you see fit.After the work is done, you pay her. You do not need to pay anything up front. And that is ANYWHERE.
Doesn't seem odd at all, most customer service employees are pretty clueless.
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