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Couple of those look pretty interesting but I have to say the pictures leave a lot to be desired.
Hmm I am looking for more of a professional/sharp look than their chinos provide... Open to lightweight wool and of linen as well. Their casual stuff which is sub $200 is quite casual and I'm really looking for something I can wear to work.
Hey guys, looking for trousers that are stylish and modern along the lines of epaulet looks/quality/construction? I like epaulets but around $300 I feel it's a bit expensive for what it is. I wear lots of wool trousers for work but nice cotton trousers will work for me too when needed. Looking for something the sub $200 range - what do you guys think? Any suggestions?
If you do this, please post pics as well as a daily journal. You'll prob get your dick sucked a few times and perhaps beaten down too.
wish these weren't slimmed down =/
purchased from the seller once before, and liked the quality enough to re-purchase a couple more sets today. thanks!
Hey guys, I hardly post here these days (or ever really) but I own a luxury jewelry store in Southern California - Diamond & Design Jewelers in Chino Hills, CA (website is getting completely revamped the past month so I apologize if it looks sloppy, for those of you who even care enough to look it up). Anyways, I'm watching the NBA All Star game and surfing the site, if anyone has any questions about loose diamonds, diamond jewelry, engagement rings etc, feel free to ask...
That cotton/silk combo is killer
3.15" wide?!?
Got my 4 black label shirts and tie (from another thread) and love them! The quality of the shirts look great and the tie, which I am wearing now, has a wonderful feel and ties a great knot/dimple. Thanks!
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