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This trafalgar site is pretty much nailing it too... and it's $68 vs $95 at Epaulet, which is nice. Final issue - I need a size 30/31 belt... I've always been a 30 waist but I've been losing a little body fat with meal preps so I've gotten more muscle but my waist is like a 28/29... Does anyone make a 30 belt? I guess a 32 will have to do if not... Thanks for the recommendations, guys.
Yeah, it's not a very dress belt... but that look works very well for me. It's not super casual and works very easily with suits. I've been rocking my belt that looks very similar to that forever and it looks excellent with pretty much anything. My suits are very tailored so it doesn't look sloppy or casual or anything...
I didn't think I would have this much of a hard time to find a standard belt that I love that doesn't cost a lot. Epaulet's casual Horween Chromexcel belts fit exactly what I'm looking for but I just don't think it's worth $95... especially since I want a regular brown, dark brown, and black one. The last belt I've been using looks exactly the same, is reversible black/brown and it's by CK and cost me like $16 when I was still in college... I've purchased beautiful shoes,...
Ok, so I guess I need to go for 10oz stuff... not seeing anything on that site specifically that has a 10oz variety AND has some sort of visual/physical texturing - something to give it a *little* different feel and slight more casual than just a regular business jacket. Any recommendations on the site I'm missing OR a different company?
I was afraid to get a response like this! Although I wear suits for a living, I don't know THIS much about suiting or fabric or weights. Am I going to have a tough time with this? I just want something I can wear all year... I'm a jeweler so I'm not going to be doing anything craZy with it, but I don't want to hassle with having to get it pressed or anything, either.Stay away? If so, go for more 10oz stuff? Any rule of thumb? They have a nice selection of linen and...
Went and talked to my tailor today about the fabric, told him it was 8oz weight and he said that that is too light. He said it's not enough heft and will wrinkle. He's older asian guy who has had his shop here for 20+ years and does very solid work so I trust his opinion and judgement 100% but I also love that fabric. I think I'm going to purchase it anyways - any opinions or anything?
Got in touch with the Isles Textile people... pretty nice and helpful over the phone. Going to mail me a few swatches of the Icarus that I picked out and then going to go from there. Stay tuned.
If he doesn't have the screwdriver handy (I don't think most people normally do) then it will absolutely be more convenient to take into Rolex. Moreover, they may put a touch of lock-tite on the links, will they not? I know I do, anyways.
Thanks for the insight coxsackie, that's a nice suit and a nice texture. http://www.harrisonsofedinburgh.com/collections/harrisons-of-edinburgh/icarus This link^ is their Icarus line which is what caught my eye the most - it says 7/8oz that sounds quite light and seems like I could easily wear that all year round which is what I want. Not sure about drape or style or anything as I have never purchased cloth before. I want as unstructured as possible to give a...
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