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great looking and great color... sometimes i wish it wasn't so hot here all the time so i could jump on stuff like this.
Well, here's the thing - I'm short as shit... 5'5 to be exact... so all my 37XS jackets have to be shortened an extra inch (yeah, 1.5-2" additional off "short" jackets). So with my sportcoats I've taken off an extra 1/2" from that and it's always looked great... but I usually am wearing even more tailored pants, no tie, etc. I go with a more casual look altogether, so it ties in well. Also, if it changes anything, I'm 29 years old, and I run my own jewelry store... so I'm...
I've never done MTM with KW but I have with other companies in regards to sports coats... I usually go slightly shorter length but that's because sport coats for me are also used in more casual settings too - I don't get way too fashion forward as I like to wear them on casual days at work too, but a little bit shorter than my normal suit length has always worked really well for me, FWIW.
Academic love those jackets, especially the blue linen blend - who's that by?
I would take both of those ties if they weren't wool - I can barely justify wearing my 9oz linen sportcoats much less a wool tie in our constant heat. Good luck with the sale! Someone in a colder weather climate is gonna LOVE those.
So I've always been a white linen PS guy (I hardly ever wear my suit jackets so the white linen has been more than sufficient). I recently purchased a couple nice sportscoats to wear at work sans tie so I wanted to get more into PS... Love Vanda's stuff and wanted to get a few, let me know what your thoughts on these PS are and which would be most versatile/easy to wear or if you have any warnings/expectations I should have in regards to any of them... any advice or...
killer thread
Post a pic of the linen pair?
With that budget, you can get some MTM stuff easily... I'm 5'5 very lean but athletic upper body so literally nothing fits me off the rack. I just recently ordered a MTO sportscoat from Epaulet and it was $700 I think... they tailor to whatever measurements you want... so I had them take make it basically a 37XS (plus an extra half inch off) and had them take an inch in on the jacket and had surgeon cuff'd to my measurements... I needed zero extra alterations after...
Post after mine has a wealth of good info... post above this one - I disagree... dry cleaning that frequently without a need is unnecessary. If your plans have remained clean and look good don't dry clean them more than 2x a year, if that.
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