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how bout vintage coats like brooks brothers? which era to aim for or to avoid?
let them buy wolf vs goat
I like cola and iso's hair, srs
ended up buying Levi's 505 all black. the high rise and 9.25 inch hem fits my frame better...
I got one of those. Very nice, comfy, jersey material. Like a sweatshirt but much more dense and refined hence it maintains the structure more (still looking like a blazer unlike the cheaper sweatshirt blazer hybrids that looks strangely thick)since the material is stretchy, I don't need to size up.
nice Stanley, somehow the quarters are nicely open in this epaulet coat
@mossrockss nothing to do with the fit cuz it looks good, just wondering because i saw your listing of size 40 prl. i am a 42 chest myself and i found the nmwa measurements of the 52 a touch too small and short, so sizing up seems necessary in eidos.
any recs for loafers that are less uncle-nephew or "old man"? Thinking of wholecut rounded toe loafers... surprisingly hard to find besides MOTO motoike from years back.
@mossrockss how tall are you? does the eidos need to be sized up?
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