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can a cobbler repair the lining of the boot around the heel area? mine is wearing out, slightly peeling... any suggestions?
@Cacatfish alright that explains the folpa part, thanks! really felt great to wear, I'll be looking for some folpa summer pieces next sale.
paging the barena people, i recall @shoreman1782 addressing my sizing question a while ago? well turns out barena is rather tts, but this one is made out of linen-cotton canvas fabric and it doesn't stretch at all. so it's very tight across the back in size 52 for my frame. a few days ago I came across another barena jacket in ragtag osaka, this one made from the soft cotton material that felt like knit, but not thick ass sweater knit, and it fits really comfy in size...
jersey materials? last time i owned those they stretched like crazy... must remember not to hang dry
the hudson fits look promising, looking forward for more pics
paging @nicelynice and others who are in the know! Will go with family to japan but the situation is such that we are only going to Nagasaki, Fukuoka, Beppu (sister's graduation), and then Kyoto/Nara I don't really have funds to kop jawnz, but if possible I want to look for some second hand thrifting... do you know of any recommended thrift shops in those regions? I suppose Fukuoka might be the most commercial one? I pray for the universe to grant me some used Yohji, but...
what is the, for lack of better word, "specification" of eidos napoli style, for those who own/ sell them? I'm guessing unpadded/lightly padded shoulders, shoulder seam pressed open, light or no sleevehead? extended shoulder, high armhole, drape chest? @gdl203 especially, how do you find the construction or silhouette compared to formosa?
thanks for the input guys! best is to use the web measurements as guidelines and combine it with first hand comparisons from other owners...
hi guys, especially owners of various items like @timotune How accurate is the measurement from the web, compared to your actual item? I have only one piece which is the cotton linen soho (sf club blazer!!) from the outlet frenzy last year, in size 52 (42R) which measures 18.7 inches shoulder to shoulder, and 46.5 inches around the chest (P2P), and 29.5 inches length. The measurements in the web are 18.5 shoulder, 44.9 chest, and 30.3 length. So there's a bit of...
Thanks for the info! So there are no lighter make ups done by Vanson, only aero?
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