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is this SoHo sale only applicable to online or is it available at B&M?
apparently they sell, though. maybe it's the upper middle class chinese.
this is a nice green. found this image long ago but I don't know who's the maker?? any ideas?
so great timo... IIRC this is an L, correct? how tall are you? was it 40L....?
RFT: can't stand natural colour barbour welt (what is it even?) especially people ordering MTO black leather with natural welt. goofy. which brings it to the next point: looking at the MTO results from threads like Tricker's or Meermin... really.. most of them are abominable. two tones, contrast stitching et al. good thing we have designers.
i wonder if anyone have tried tricker's variation of the jodhpur and compare them to C&J... they do look wider in the toes.
whoah. albert finney.
I think the currently trending silhouette is quite goofy. natural shoulders but (sometimes overly) slim fit, in the arms especially, and significant waist suppression just feels dissonant. not even talking about the length here. I feel that natural shoulders work with a more relaxed sort of cut.
hmm i do think that this hashtagmenswear tribe is some form of counterculture too. fwiw, reading the accounts from the mod to suedehead thread, they mentioned that back then their parents called them mini granddads. reading the thread also told me how proud they were and still are of the good ol days and how many of them are still dressing that way now, with careful consideration of the additional lbs too, lol.
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