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it's nice though, my girl likes them, she has bought a pair from loake ladies before. these meermins look more feminine than the loakes (shorter, rounder, less structured toebox and higher heels) so I can definitely see them selling. maybe not the doublemonks though, they look awkward.
holy shit that chukka boots
did someone state a few pages back that havana is the single breasted equivalent of soho? how true is this? and does anyone know whether the same principle can be applied to other pairs?
yeahalso pic for reference
yes, lined. very nice shape to the body but the bottoms flare quite a bit, i can't pinppoint the reason, could be that it's just a tad big in the chest or that I have a prominent butt. it wasnt flaring as much when it was ventless (vent basting not yet cut)
yes, after a while they mark it back to $149, but with " x pieces left" written there... I don't know the rationale for the markdown, when I saw the $99 price I just assumed they have like very few pieces left so I shed all doubts and ordered
yes i have. the $149 double breasted soho was gone from the selection but the link still works and the price went down to $99.. i bought it and it's delivered in 3 days
yes, last few pages had been nirvana
I was just looking at Free&Easy with the Paraboot feature.... it's glorious Possible for you to scan it? It's this one: that blue shoes in front is Paraboot, inside they have a few pages on it... would be great to have the scans but it's up to you!
Manchester City I think had done the best player shopping this summer. Spot on.
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