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http://www.styleforum.net/t/168002/shoe-damage-report-shoe-p0rn-central-part-ii/19620#post_7525778 no such thing as too many shoes
@shoreman1782 @Superb0bo very interesting boots. but from the linked blog I get the impression that they aren't very flexible, more like clogs?
it's confirmed now re: Yohji thread Parker is Sephiroth.
debates over ("unbiased/objective/timeless") quality as per usual for the first pages, and then dude drops the triggerhttp://www.styleforum.net/t/436054/gennaro-paone-former-head-tailor-of-rubinacci/180#post_7500037so much fun from then on
www.styleforum.net/t/436054/gennaro-paone-former-head-tailor-of-rubinacci/ ooooh... this thread. the bygone era of our MC forum. dunno if it's better or worse than TOJ
nice hendrix. tucking the tee is fine i guess since it elongates the legs and the neck opening is not some CM level tight. also deets? aint that piergiacomi peeking?
it can have canvas, but it might not qualify as what you may think as "full canvas" because it has a layer of felt or other lightweight materials, but no horsehair canvas chest piece. refer to the pictures on the blog link posted. (in short: canvas can be confused as two different things) boglioli is a different case. they do not produce jackets that adhere to strict classical tailoring silhouette. you wear them for comfort and relaxed look. I don't know if boglioli K...
there are two layers of canvas. there is a canvas running from the top to the bottom of the jacket, and the chest piece on top of that. the horsehair chest piece is the one creating the built up look of the torso, and the one that requires more skill to create shape and lapel roll with that pad stitching. half canvas jackets have this chest piece but use fusibles for the rest of the jacket front. for comparison, my third world tailor uses one layer of fusible only. thats...
ohh lawdy i wish they'd utilize the 3625 last more...
which places stock wider fitting pants @ManofKent @hendrix preferably in cheaper than EG level pricing? But not dad jeans level of fit as well. uniqlo is too slim....
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