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was looking at balenciaga womens collection just now. is it just me or is the leather really shitty? the minimalist totes ajd handbags are nicely made out of calfskin but thats about it, the rest is foam-like to the touch, i cant describe it better than that.
i cannot bring myself to like any AE models. alden as well. something about the proportions look off... I'd rather have Northampton stuff....
holy shit. I disabled adblocker. the AE is so huge lol I think it can't be helped. CM content (at least the biz cas stuff) is more mainstream and many casual users are looking for that... the CM B&S is much livelier also iirc?
^agreed. ~300bucks sneakers are not for me at this point, as much as i love the chelsea boot buttero sneaker at nmwa. fok explains it well, i appreciate that.
Fok,How long can these be expected to last? Maybe I'm still too fixated with the "resolable" ideal, but still, it's nice to be able to just replace the rubber part of my heeled shoes when they're worn out. I don't know what to do with sneaker soles.
too slim for you dude. london in the same size might be better?
www.nomanwalksalone.com/index.php/black-leather-and-suede-high-top-slip-on-sneakers.html these babies are so awesum just wondering if once you wear the soles to death, can they actually be resoled? maybe with leather soles instead of rubber... idk
okinawa is like se asia lvl of heat lol actually after i came from japan i realized that back here in indonesia there is almost an equal heritage and natural places of interest, but we have not even 1% of the attitude of the japanese in preserving them, nor the super clean infrastructure and efficient logistics
beyer, AKG, sennheiser, (and some) audio technicas
Havana fit - better as suit vs separates? I don't like how the quarters look on some of the models... but probably because they slim-fit the shit out of it and the quarters end up closing around the navel instead of the hips lol
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