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@nicelynice treat is as an experiment to try a new kind of clothing (extensively). There are very comfy suits out there and you can find not so stuffy ones. Check out the sw&d suits and blazers thread!
gold buttons 6x1 DB could not NOT be cifonelli 4x1 cream DB is very sexton tux is liverano one button is richard anderson. Im not familiar with panico but from the photo angle the chalk stripe looks A&S which means the plain navy DB is panico. I have a feeling that I'm wrong.
@nicelynicethis sloping soft shoulder everything is played out man. My insta is full of those. Much rather see SVB's ysl suit
@StanleyVanBuren I'd say it feels a tad full; but don't taper the leg opening as those echoes the shoulders nicely. Just leave the trousers as they are OR try accentuating the flare of the leg by reducing the knee area. That would be awesome.
So fucking happy i got the actual issue with that editorial
Oooh amazing. Go to Kyoto and Nara if possible!
awesome. i have yet to be able to convince my gf to see beyond fast fashion, but she's opening up to at the very least goodyear-welted footwear
Shorts+long coat for dat lebowski steeze
isolation levelling up
Yeah, less than 9 inch hem opening = clown feet to my eyes
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