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the formosa is so great man
^ one thing I know from trying to get my local tailor to replicate something like a chore coat is he doesn't have the equipment for heavy duty machine stitching. things like M65 or Engineered Garments stuff, I imagine will require a lot of specified industry equipments. not to mention getting the right synthetic materials.
suitsupply outlet at netherlands: so right now the outlet website is closed, even for mainland EU folks, but the physical outlet is still open, correct? any idea what sort of policy is imposed on the website? there seem to be no consistency on their opening periods.
hmmm... so the stitching can be seen from the other side?
can a cobbler repair the lining of the boot around the heel area? mine is wearing out, slightly peeling... any suggestions?
@Cacatfish alright that explains the folpa part, thanks! really felt great to wear, I'll be looking for some folpa summer pieces next sale.
paging the barena people, i recall @shoreman1782 addressing my sizing question a while ago? well turns out barena is rather tts, but this one is made out of linen-cotton canvas fabric and it doesn't stretch at all. so it's very tight across the back in size 52 for my frame. a few days ago I came across another barena jacket in ragtag osaka, this one made from the soft cotton material that felt like knit, but not thick ass sweater knit, and it fits really comfy in size...
jersey materials? last time i owned those they stretched like crazy... must remember not to hang dry
the hudson fits look promising, looking forward for more pics
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