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beyer, AKG, sennheiser, (and some) audio technicas
Havana fit - better as suit vs separates? I don't like how the quarters look on some of the models... but probably because they slim-fit the shit out of it and the quarters end up closing around the navel instead of the hips lol
Sup So I managed to walk the shit out of Kyoto central area and managed to come across some thrift stores before finally stumbling upon this gem: Can't afford anything though lol. The only thing I bought was a Hermes tie from Ragtag Fukuoka. So yeah, the trip yield some better window shopping than expected. Visited Beams, United Arrows, Edifice, felt some nice canvassing in them jackets, tried on a super soft Barena jacket at Ragtag but ended up not buying due to...
but.. but... timeless
just avoid those beats, Bose, B&W portable (all overpriced, not bad, but overpriced) and entry level cans and you'll be fine I guess. I used to troll head-fi before stylefo, lol dunno what have they become now. I think the best looking (and sounding!) "small" headphones are Sennheiser HD25 I-II and Beyer DT1350. the former more industrial looking, the latter luxe looking. now to find the sf member/ designer equivalent of that...
yea cant go wrong with ath m50 or senn hd25. beyerdynamic dt1350 rivals hd25, but with cooler looks and less clamp. more expensive though. out of those three, ath m50 will be the most comfy because it covers the whole ear (circumaural). but hence it is rge bulkiest. if you are okay with bulky circumaural headphones and are not really planning to bring them around a lot, then go for those since they are most comfy. beyerdynamic tesla stuff, or beyerdynamic dt770 properly...
hot damn, it's a tie between F and P2 last for me. U last is okay I guess, I don't wear suits much, I think it looks better with clean, sharp lines of a suit with structured shoulders.
wait so what does grailed do that irks sf bros?
eidos cutaway front looks sporty and good but i will be a bit self conscious due to my prominent ass pulling them even further lol
the formosa is so great man
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