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Need to remind myself that this is brit humour
@kindofyounghow good is tiger of sweden? We have some over here but most definitely overpriced.
I followed that discussion quite closely. I understood CM classical proportions but I agree they tend to have that sort of myopia, which I'm starting to get sick of seeing in the Pitti pics and some of the waywt (no padding at all! even though my shoulders are sloping 45'!). This has much more attitude than your epaulet suit, though that suit also works for what it is. Especially in your frame I think the Roger Moore influence works. The lower V and buttoning point, the...
@Rais curious about the black suit. I think black needs something interesting to work, like a texture or an unusual cut. Would appreciate if you have a pic without the trench
So birks look good when worn by guys with shoulder length salt n pepper hair hmmmmmm
lol for someone from the future, yes that looks trad as hell on you
Is there any changes in sizing or should I just ignore the size advisor? Had one Soho sportscoat in 52 that fits and I want the long version; but the sizing for Soho suit in the size advisor seems to indicate the 106 (54L) will suit me better...?
@nicelynice the look suits you tho
batik, white OCBD, drawstring linen-cotton, black derbies!
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