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http://www.buzzfeed.com/juliapugachevsky/body-positive-style-bloggers-you-should-be-following how.. what... why....?
kamakura collar roll looks so epic
yes that's my concern too for the cord lapelless jacket, the L sizing would be fine if not for the 21 inches width
wait wat stitches donning pocket square?
^ check out loake kempton, loake pimlico, sanders george
^ check out loake kempton, loake pimlico, sanders george
i like FEIT's designs but burgundy is a strange colour for sneakers you can probably pair them with greys.. instead of those blue pants
has gotta be a pair black chelsea boots? goes with yohji, attachment, mod suit, corneliani suit.. actually only heavy cuffed faded raw denims look off with them
and then yeah, we got into the topic of nu metal. peculiar how this genre shoots to immense popularity and then just went poof. a truly 90s phenomenon along with grunge i suppose? did linkin distil ratm or were there earlier nu metal i didnt know about? also, limp bizkit. so many fans here, smh
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