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eh.... what bag to wear with overcoats? daypack and tailored stuff is a generally a no no.. I wonder what are the alternatives?
@gdl203 fwiw that article is probably representative of what outsiders' experience with "watch guys" generally entail, and it formed most of their impression. Probably like how the masses tend to equate fashion guys with its worst kind like say, the fuccbois I like myself a nice mechanical watch too, there is a lot to appreciate in the craftsmanship.
@gdl203 http://gawker.com/5978737/why-do-assholes-love-watches
I like vox's steed fits tho. as for matt's stuff... I'm sure u know, many of the image links are messed up edit: I follow his insta and tumblr, didn't know his tweets were like that lol
Is there any way we could read manton and vox's posts? I dont know why they edited the majority of it. Shame, there is plenty of knowledge there.
Jim what size of RJ are you wearing? 184 model I assume?
or penny loafers
my problem with ring jacket is the length. 54R fits fine across the chest and shoulders but the jacket length is too short and the buttoning point is too high :/ so.. MTM is the only way or do they actually have different lengths?
basic bros gonna base one thing though, bigger garments are deff more comfy. thicker, heavier fabrics help the drape and shape too.
the boxy cut, dartlessness, button spacing mostly... the jacket length is definitely not CM friendly.but generally I like how moving from fitted cuts mirrors (references? copies?) the sense of liberation and youth introduced by ivy style back then
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