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I see. If thats the case, i guess maybe dont pair it with long tees... (Also where 2 kop xxl??)
Yeah i really wish they'd make an L version or something. The proportion starts becoming weird past 180cm mark, even worse when u have lanky legs or relatively heavier up top (chest or shoulders). Only the blazers tho
man, even at 6ft I found EG to be too short sometimes... what size is that?
I hail from the tropics and gonna be travelin to japan this coming feb... gonna be my first winter. quite excited but also wary after following this convo lol
Hi tailors, Suppose a jacket's chest circumference is half an inch smaller than what the wearer's usually wear. Would letting out the center back seam to achieve additional chest circumference allow for a more comfortable fit, or would there be major issues? thanks!
Thanks! As it stands, the vent is quite long at 11.5 inches. I plan to bring it down to a more classic length. Would 8.5 inches be a more neutral vent length?
Question: I have had my jacket vents closed temporarily before. But is it possible to just shorten the vent length? Thanks!
@LA Guy nice cap, how warm is that vs a beanie? seems a good option for winter outside knitted hats and (lol) fedoras
Thanks ! The model is wearing them too small I guess? Or should I size up? Would you say this is suitable for winter?
any experiences with these? been looking for something roomier that sits higher on the waist...
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