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Thanks a lot!
Thanks, Despos. Does this problem happen with prominent butt/ hollow waist mostly? I am 6ft; a 31.5-32 length is usually sufficient, but this one is a 32.25. I was under the impression that I need longer jackets to cover my bottom; but I guess this has more to do with the way the back is shaped rather than the numerical length? Also, would you say that the numerical length itself (32.25) is fine for 6 ft, or would a longer jacket look better?
xpost from challenge
Hi all, Got this Oxxford coat off eBay. Haven't done any alterations, really love the Oxxford fit; but what can be done with the back here?
first fit!Oxxford silk blend hopsackUniqloLoake [[SPOILER]]
come to think of it i have yet to see an epaulet suit that looks good @Synthese @in stitches
there are days for 0.25" discussing and there are days for dope as fuck fits. a day may come when the supender fails, when we forsake our creases and break all bonded seams, but it is not this day.
achieving a very slight break is difficult. requires braces for 100% consistency
nice NOBD... who makes the cord?
fuck yes buday fuck yes Vass
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