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a quick scan through MC casual will deliverin a more general sense, more "classic"-oriented blogs and stores are now enforcing raw denim as the "edgy" alternative for casual trouser... actually this has been happening for sometime but I kinda get a feeling that more and more consumers bought into this thinking that the raw denim, being stiffer and darker in colour, fit the "edgy" bill- while actually after fade and wear they will turn into, well, blue faded jeans. the fits...
why, thanks a lot!!
looking at le MC ppl getting into raw denim bandwagon is so funny... they be wearing them like dress pants
So I take it you prefer the 3636 last to the budapester last? They all look great, btw
3636 or budapest last for an alt wien/ theresianer?
is there any maker out there (preferably those poor man -approved) who still makes pocket watch? I am curious- I know there are numerous vintage options on ebay but how about new ones? pocket watches are still useful for symbolic gifts or for people allergic to leather/cloth/metal straps and/or generally averse to wearing a wrist strap...
+1 since A1 and harrington will be discontinued
how is the bball in warmer weather?
^the richmond is on a bulkier last, I've tried on a wingtip oxford on the 026 and I felt that it's not the best last for oxfords... OTOH my chelsea boots on the 026 look good.
www.pediwear.co.uk/pediwear-collection/products/5221.php photos may not be too flattering but you can try asking them for a more representative picture
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