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Just curious.. what sort of belt will compliment these? I'm guessing grey suede?
can it be said... that CM suits are actually geared to flatter non-ideal physique (what with all the tailoring, altering, button stance, colorway, etc), while SWD suits, on the other hand, benefits those with near-ideal physique, or those with "inherent swag factor", much more than those without... IME some footwear choices are safer to start with e.g. chelsea boots
great thread parker, I am exactly at the point where I wanted to mix in some blazers casually.. I just avoid the uber-structured look e.g. thrifted 80s heavy padded shoulder double breasted orphaned glen plaid jacket... lol there are also other brands out there like Barena that have nice jackets but I don't recall anyone in in here wearing them yet. lastly though, it is quite noticeable that some of the guys in the pics on this thread already have other "non-business-y"...
i like the casual cotton with 5% spandex stuff, very comfy, like the aforementioned washed cotton blazer and the charcoal herringbone cotton slim cargo trou.. iirc synth wore the latter in one of his fits. also actually i know no other brand making herringbone casual pant with such fabric..
I wonder if Vass can make chelsea boots?
this time around is much more shapely, i also recall the last year version looking like a box with lapels...
washed cotton blazers look ace.
a quick scan through MC casual will deliverin a more general sense, more "classic"-oriented blogs and stores are now enforcing raw denim as the "edgy" alternative for casual trouser... actually this has been happening for sometime but I kinda get a feeling that more and more consumers bought into this thinking that the raw denim, being stiffer and darker in colour, fit the "edgy" bill- while actually after fade and wear they will turn into, well, blue faded jeans. the fits...
why, thanks a lot!!
looking at le MC ppl getting into raw denim bandwagon is so funny... they be wearing them like dress pants
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