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torres hattrick lol
bb collar OCDs are a cm phenomenon
I do think WIll's a bit of a hit and miss sometimes. I appreciate Simon Crompton much more as far as non- #menswear go.
any rtw brands that have db aesthetic close to edward sexton? dude cut the meanest db arounf
black suits can be cool. it looks dull when it's in worsted wool, but in linen, linen blends, cotton gabardine... can look great. problem is most MC-esque retailer seldom venture to such materials... well, as far as I see
I love the first book's characterization the best MoK. Maybe because it's more focused, having less to deal with.
I wanttt
yes thats what i suspected... the models wearing super sized down stuff
I went through the watch snob thing. I'm not sure whether dude is legit or marketing. Can be both, can be either, I don't know... There are some things to be learned from the snobbery itself as well as the content... staying away from garish stuff is one.
can buying the long version solves the length issue? meaning when I see them worn by models on the web and think "too short" it will be solved if it's the long version of the same garment? just curious
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