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only you can be so bold
ah thanks. didn't occur to me to check other SOHOs. I was thinking of getting an L but they aren't actually overly short like the other cuts...? though not as conservative as London
http://eu.suitsupply.com/jackets/jacket-blue-plain-soho-c562/C562,en_GB,pd.html?start=5&cgid=Jackets&srule=PriceAscthis one sir, if possible to know the shoulder width for 40 and 42... but I would think that bringing a measuring tape inside will be awkward...
i have handled ae and i think loake 1880 is superior.
is this SoHo sale only applicable to online or is it available at B&M?
apparently they sell, though. maybe it's the upper middle class chinese.
this is a nice green. found this image long ago but I don't know who's the maker?? any ideas?
so great timo... IIRC this is an L, correct? how tall are you? was it 40L....?
RFT: can't stand natural colour barbour welt (what is it even?) especially people ordering MTO black leather with natural welt. goofy. which brings it to the next point: looking at the MTO results from threads like Tricker's or Meermin... really.. most of them are abominable. two tones, contrast stitching et al. good thing we have designers.
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