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of course i was referring to formalwear. nice of ya that the more fatherly of the two associations was the first to come to mind.
of course i was referring to formalwear.
no shit, sw&d liking dubmonks???! lol. i agree they look great there! and as usual no pocket square... another question for in stitches.. have you got a black stroller jacket? what's your opinion on them?
yeah mate, lower maintenance than leather and I figure I'd rather spend more for better leather than Loake's; I prefer their other offerings like the pull-up on those side gore boots!
indeed.... my favorite! great casual shoes!here they are after some treatment... the bottom 3 are Loakes. L-R: Herring Coltham (Loake for Herring) last 026G, Loake for Herring Suede captoes last 3625F, and Loake Camden last 026G.Top L-R: Alfred Sargent Premier, Pantanetti, Ed Et Al Sample
026 G so chubby but I like much better than them American fatlasts, I don't know why... something about AE & Alden just looks off to me. I think it's the vamp.
stitchy. you ever tried wearing blazers with t-shirt?
http://www.permanentstyle.co.uk/2011/07/choppin-lodge-cotton-suit_29.html ^a nice review about the "feel" of cotton suit.
^with interesting fabric or cuts. black looks dead-est when very plain or clean e.g those horrid poly-cotton shirt, or tailored stuff made from worsted wool, or stuff like cotton twill chinos. try linen, linen blend, leather, even waxed cotton. mix with dark or mid gray, approach white with caution as the contrast will wash your complexion out.
will benefit more from a more textured and lighter trousers toasty, e.g light gray linen-cotton blend very nice apart from that
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