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any jazz fans here? john scofield, medeski martin &wood?
indeed. f last austerity boot is.... immortal.
funny how the locals never made use of batik. we're treating it more like drapey stuff.... i think it can work in a blazer in some low contrast, monochromatic pattern. most of the batik here were made into shirts with ugly billowy cuts
you folks still catching on the more current music or do they become different scenes...? i know classic soul like smokey robinson, the miracles.. but did, say, james brown get some airplay? how bout hendrix? and furthermore the stone roses, massive attack...? too different?
i find that classic menswear is a good escapism.. i love watching classic hollywood cinema, noir etc.. but doesnt mean i want to reenact them out of period context.
amazing holdfast. exactly the picture and elaboration i needed, answers my question regarding length and fit
I rarely see double breasteds here? I love them personally, but yeah.. unless executed by some rockstar tailor it will look quite boxy and 1980s. I like Simon Crompton (permanentstyle)'s sensibilities for DB, and reading his blog inevitably leads to the cutter Davide Taub and my personal favorite, Edward Sexton. I'm thinking of having a suit with such silhouette.. long-ish body and all
lol funny, I actually just been spending more time in MC all of a sudden. always a good source of knowledge for suits and shoes and classics but not to hang out.... really, it's getting more cluttered with snobs and all. the faux "gentleman" manner of speech riled me up quite fast. also the overuse of should and shouldn't :/ really glad to welcome those who drop by here though, stitchy and NOBD et al... TTO needs to post more often also also one poster said that he...
torres hattrick lol
bb collar OCDs are a cm phenomenon
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