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lol just let them be on the other hand, as much as I am tired with all the silly "timeless" talk, I'd still say that a proper black tie (tux) is almost transcendental... it makes anyone look good and the uniformity leaves no room for peacocking. in that regards I do respect black tie as close to "timeless".
curious: what are your fave guilty pleasure movies? e.g. movie so bad it's good, or movies you know it's shit but still love anyway... or movies people hated but you liked without any sense of irony...
wtf alden thread srsly them shoes ugly as phuck
wtf alden thread
get some AEs in suede.. or boots..
agreed. bad taste.
what's the preferred payment method for ToJ?
teams are realizing they don't have to park bus. press them all the way + counter attacks... that's basically the real madrid gameplan. Nigeria went at them that way. Italy as well- only Italy didn't have strikers as solid as Brazil or Madrid. Then the longer the game went, Spain can count on their huge pool of talent (Mata and Martinez as subs??!) and slowly gain the upper hand.
brazil. yes.
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