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I own loake camdens, I think someone posted a pair in navy in this thread, but mine's beige. They are on the same last as loake kemptons but appear much bulkier due to the light colour and 360 welt + crepe sole. I can only wear them with washed denim and some very light coloured ensemble up top otherwise they will stick out... I am considering recrafting them with kempton's dainite or double leather sole....
du in teger's post looked familiar.....?
last year was the year that I started to read (English or translated into English books) again. being SE Asian I had a lot to catch up, literary-wise, to most western bibliography... and probably skewed by whatever's locally available I started with Umberto Eco's Prague Cemetery and now on to Foucault's Pendulum. I had a hunch that his writing would engross me by multifolds had I known a little more about European history. Finished Unbearable Lightness of Being last week...
MoK is our heritage hero. Though I can't really see the look emulated by somebody scrawny or not having facial hair.. lol
http://surrenderous.com/media/catalog/product/cache/1/image/9df78eab33525d08d6e5fb8d27136e95/c/l/classic_shirt_bd_stripe_special_blue_1.jpg this kitsune x surrender oxford is very nice but at ~300+ USD it's far beyond my budget for the moment. any idea if there are other makers doing similar design with not so high a pricing? edit: pics added
Just curious.. what sort of belt will compliment these? I'm guessing grey suede?
can it be said... that CM suits are actually geared to flatter non-ideal physique (what with all the tailoring, altering, button stance, colorway, etc), while SWD suits, on the other hand, benefits those with near-ideal physique, or those with "inherent swag factor", much more than those without... IME some footwear choices are safer to start with e.g. chelsea boots
great thread parker, I am exactly at the point where I wanted to mix in some blazers casually.. I just avoid the uber-structured look e.g. thrifted 80s heavy padded shoulder double breasted orphaned glen plaid jacket... lol there are also other brands out there like Barena that have nice jackets but I don't recall anyone in in here wearing them yet. lastly though, it is quite noticeable that some of the guys in the pics on this thread already have other "non-business-y"...
i like the casual cotton with 5% spandex stuff, very comfy, like the aforementioned washed cotton blazer and the charcoal herringbone cotton slim cargo trou.. iirc synth wore the latter in one of his fits. also actually i know no other brand making herringbone casual pant with such fabric..
I wonder if Vass can make chelsea boots?
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