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amazing mate, what last is this? not the typical burford?
i heard dutch people are tall
the DB Soho in action! really great purchase at $99... now I need better pants and shirt sleeves. this is 42R and I'm 184 cm (6ft)
wtf im followong this voxsartoria in instagram, turns out he's not our man
nomanwalksalone shop makes me weep because I am too poor
^why? because the lapels are too big?
chelseas are okay but not those. erm. check out stuff like tricker's lambourn... or loake bayswater below that
deets bro?edit: of the whole outfit
it's nice though, my girl likes them, she has bought a pair from loake ladies before. these meermins look more feminine than the loakes (shorter, rounder, less structured toebox and higher heels) so I can definitely see them selling. maybe not the doublemonks though, they look awkward.
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