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also, I really like the mood (not the whole flick) of Robert Downey Junior's Sherlock Holmes; meaning Victorian (Edwardian?) England setting but with a good amount of set exploration and dark/hero-centric plot. any recommendations? I saw A Room with A View but obviously it's a romantic drama, not that I dislike it
been on a 80s-90s streak! A Fish Called Wanda, City Slickers, Unforgiven, Heat, Crocodile Dundee, Lethal Weapon(s), 48 Hrs, Escape from Alcatraz, True Lies, The Abyss in between that, Coen Bros run, Blood Simple, Miller's Crossing, Fargo, Barton Fink, as well as a shitload of westerns, John Fords, John Waynes, Clint Eastwood. Western movies are such a great escapism. From John Wayne and John Ford I like The Searchers the most; while Eastwood's a tie between Unforgiven...
when did panerai enter the watch world? why are all my friends obsessing over it like it's jaeger or something? gotta be some heavy marketing behind it right?
definitely. im a big fan of jimi. all the way to jimi blues album, band of gypsys, as well as the bbc sessions and i agree that dude is a songwriter first and foremost. legend
lyrics are deff cheesy i guess yah so listening to them is kinda weaving in and out of a little sense of irony. nowadays i listen to more blues like johnny winter, junior wells. also black crowes but sometimes they can sound soft too also early rod stewart and the faces are gold
painkiller is the shit. are they power metal tho?
how come no one likes judas priest
zara now has varsities lol one raglan with tan suede body and grey jersey sleeve, another with non raglan black pleather sleeve and navy body. shit quality.. but who actually started this trend?
finished abaddon's gate! all good but yeah the first date was the most memorable, as they say. really this opens up to endless possibilities in the future
tricker's burford. espresso or black???
New Posts  All Forums: