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not really. i think it's the ugliest of the bunch in that picture. i'm not from the states.
yeah meermin please release chelsea boots!
probably will not look as good if one's body's not as athletic or face not youthful.. meaning when you get older it will look unnatural fast.
they look good when in context or in groups. other than that I only think they look good when obviously redesigned, like those with leather sleeves, no logo, etc (btw I'm also not north american)
FWIW that's exactly my point; and yes I divorced it from its codified nostalgic snobbery.I don't think we need to discuss this any further though, I think we're on the same page... and I also agree with a lot of points in that Breezy post. That's why I, uh, hang out here.
^custom fitted will not always yield great aesthetics... unless you really really know about tailoring as well as the tailor's capabilities. third world tailors underwent different training... I know from observing my friend's locally made suit (Indonesian). Ugly fabric; no sense of shape, fused... a good suit coming from such arrangements mentioned by KoY is the exception rather than the rule.
nawwwh can't be bothered to debate my point I just feel that black tie's cool enough for SW&D something about them B&W palette
nice comparison of shapes. AE is really the least good looking of them all.
lol just let them be on the other hand, as much as I am tired with all the silly "timeless" talk, I'd still say that a proper black tie (tux) is almost transcendental... it makes anyone look good and the uniformity leaves no room for peacocking. in that regards I do respect black tie as close to "timeless".
curious: what are your fave guilty pleasure movies? e.g. movie so bad it's good, or movies you know it's shit but still love anyway... or movies people hated but you liked without any sense of irony...
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