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zara now has varsities lol one raglan with tan suede body and grey jersey sleeve, another with non raglan black pleather sleeve and navy body. shit quality.. but who actually started this trend?
finished abaddon's gate! all good but yeah the first date was the most memorable, as they say. really this opens up to endless possibilities in the future
tricker's burford. espresso or black???
really? I kinda thought that oversized look is really suitable for smaller guys. stylish japanese guys are aplenty. big guys will look like tents with oversized stuff.. I always felt that my built is too conservative, meaning that when I put on stuff like unstructured linen blazer I felt really self conscious so I stick to more CM-ish proportions...
wool MA-1 vs TOJ0, which one is more hot weather friendly fellas?
but but but.. steve mcqueen
word. black chelsea boots cover a shit ton. yohji, gothninja, trad, mod, formalwear... check out bexley, charled tyrwhitt, loakes
http://www.marcella.com.sg/ check out these guys. they have a store at Grand Cathay last time I was there.
no one received their toj0s yet? need pics
Loake Bayswater? How are they?
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