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Septieme Largeur used to have one model similar to the Edward Greens. Another one is Alfred Sargent Greaves: http://alfredsargent.co.uk/exclusive-range/greaves/ but the toe might be too chiseled
watched it. thoroughly enjoyable, really can't imagine NOT watching it in the cinema. dat bass
how are the trousers on London/ York? the rest, from what I've seen or read in this thread... seem to have issues... like the slim but no taper issue mentioned above.
correct... it's kind of a sleeker DMs probably? will only clash with the more peacocky CM or #menswear outfits... will be at home with the more austere ones
love ghostface's suit fit.. i wonder if a more traditional neapolitan suit can also work with those shoes?
looks great, needs better-lit pics, wear it with white shirts (traditional tailoring or otherwise) and bam!
I am curious how York fit 42R correlates with your height and weight... pics would be great!
i just emailed them last week. yes for the moment they are only accepting their own but the guy said in a few months they will be accepting other brands too. i had my shoes resoled at junction 8 cobbler, he just peeled away the front part of the original sole and stitched a new one directly into the insole. so i can see the stitching from the inside of the shoes. damn...
I know ed et al offers recrafting but dunno bout resoling only
regardless of the "body positive" thing, the styling is gaudy nonetheless
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