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this the same trend that involves fixed gears?
last part coming up this summer!
shit... what pants are those worn by TTO? any idea?
non bespoken wholecuts are generally... ugly and shapeless.. also the fact that most of the pictures are of new unworn pairs of shoes, divorced from the whole harmony of outfit, doesn't help. chisel or square toe lasts work best when worn together with sleek, sculpted suit, with well defined shoulder and waist. and probably hats as well.
looks good tho
Hi guys, CD, CCP, MA+, etc... these brands, especially the shoes, are really something new for me. Please comment on the following: 1. What is the history, or the origin of such designs? Are they wholly made up by design school alumni or is there a historical point of reference? This is not referring to the traditional footwear elements such as side zip or derby lacing but the distressing, the exotic leather, etc... 2. At first I thought they are popular among hype...
Just curious, how different is the UK and US Topman exactly? And as for MUJI and Uniqlo being lame at home, is it through deliberate positioning/marketing, or is it just because they are everywhere? Or do they use different materials?Back in Singapore honestly I can't find any other retailer that sells, for example, linen trousers, corduroy shirt, cotton-linen blousons, other than Uniqlo. Muji is a bit different as they have lifestyle department; I love the sketchbook and...
I thought suede vs rain is not as one sided as the common perception? It irks me when people look at my suede shoes and said with a smirk, "when the rain comes you'll be in trouble," while sporting their sockless corrected grain Aldo driving shoes that they call loafers. Though not as irksome as "leather! omg.. poor cow!"
Ha! Singapore is air-conned enough for you to get lots of mileage. When outdoors more than 20 mins just... take it off?
^ MTO or bespoke? Ed Et Al truly the light of South East Asia... lol
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