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I refer to the Soho measurements before ordering (from SE Asia! return would have been a hassle) and they are accurate; meaning nothing really strays from my expectation on how the numbers translate into the fit. the measurement numbers, not the size advisor.
maybe its already time for americana-themed nostalgia waywt... like a themed waywt a la CM... shoreman need not join. du is the patron saint
amazing mate, what last is this? not the typical burford?
i heard dutch people are tall
the DB Soho in action! really great purchase at $99... now I need better pants and shirt sleeves. this is 42R and I'm 184 cm (6ft)
wtf im followong this voxsartoria in instagram, turns out he's not our man
nomanwalksalone shop makes me weep because I am too poor
^why? because the lapels are too big?
chelseas are okay but not those. erm. check out stuff like tricker's lambourn... or loake bayswater below that
New Posts  All Forums: