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Posts by kashmir last one's very close, the difference being sole edge colouring (can be repainted) and speed hook (well..)
cotton/ linen, probably just a little bit of a give.. if it's too slim then I'll probably just wear them unbuttoned over tees. original intention was to both wear them like that and comfortably buttoned over shirts, oh well
ordered size 52 Barena blazer from yoox. typically 42 in UK/US... i have a feeling it's gonna be a bit slim :/ anybody had any experience with them? the Barena thread is dead... tan tho
aaah, audio talk, reminds me of the old head-fi days...
fuuma, since you seem to know a lot about these brands, what do you know about moynat?
uh, I don't get this goyard tote stuff, is it like painted leather? looks like any other cheap printed pvc it's beginning to invade some upper social circles in SE Asia too as some kind of an "it" item... usually when I ask female acquaintances about bags they can't really form a coherent answer; also I show them to Valextra stuff but too plain they said so w/e tread a very thin line between cringe worthy and actually making sense...
yeah the sleeve length issue is keeping me from buying 42L havana too. its freaking dumb. how tall are you? i own a 42r soho that is a hair too short for my 184 cm (6ft) with big butt frame. london or york cut in 42r seems to be the perfect fit judging by the measurements, but the cut is not casual.
yea, mod to suedehead thread is awesome, it's amazing how they really don't give a shit about the forum outside that thread lol
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