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blazers just came back from alterations... closed all the single vents into ventless. hah. so they won't flare atop my ass anymore. I am thinking of engaging this semi-retired tailor to make me a suit... SE Asian prices.. though I'm not sure whether he can be persuaded or directed to make less structured stuff. Also, fabric. Synthetics are everywhere here and I suspect wool or linen prices would be exorbitant... I kinda have this idea though, how fun would it be if such...
sadly the small collars on the ocbd don't go with my large frame...
Nice bg on the last one. It's enticing to witness visualization from seemingly random associations... my background is traditional animation so I kinda stick to producing the literal storytelling kind of art, as of now..
yeah andrew mcdonald for 75 bucks is very improbable unless typo
markowski is solid. check out its flashier lil bro septieme largeur.
this the same trend that involves fixed gears?
last part coming up this summer!
shit... what pants are those worn by TTO? any idea?
non bespoken wholecuts are generally... ugly and shapeless.. also the fact that most of the pictures are of new unworn pairs of shoes, divorced from the whole harmony of outfit, doesn't help. chisel or square toe lasts work best when worn together with sleek, sculpted suit, with well defined shoulder and waist. and probably hats as well.
looks good tho
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