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Hi there, great stuff, yes definitely the lighter Italian jackets are nicer for the tropical weather. I just came back from Singapore, visited Kevin Seah, Colony Clothing, and Ed Et Al... haven't got time to visit the rest like Dylan and Sons, CYC, or the one with "Bulli" something.... Any reviews and comparisons would be appreciated guys!
fuck yeah in STITCHAS
yeah chukkas just avoid the shapeless ones like clarks or alden. slim leather or dainite sole instead of light color crepe. nice desaturated color like off white reverse bison. when in doubt, consult DWFII ---> http://www.styleforum.net/t/236180/my-oneboot-by-dwfii-updated-w-visit-to-dw
+1 jeroen vriend
the only one in that chart that is inconsistent with previous accounts is actually the copenhagen fit. it actually measures like a one size up copenhagen. probably the chart provider can enlighten us more?
barena jersey material is cool tho
jeans and dress boots.... the only combination that is borderline acceptable is probably the skinhead thing... selvedge with longwings. even then the bulky longwings are not that dressy. but this is for classic blue jeans though. slim black jeans and side zip black boots on the other hand...
whoops didnt see i posted the same thing just a few posts back. consider this one as a reply to OV
im a 42 size chest, most comfy in around 45in actual garment measurement. my 52 stiff canvas barena toppa jacket is very tight and restrictive, and i have tried a size 50 stretchy fabric toppa jacket that is comfy as hell. i will opt for 54 if its available.
welcome lady @Rosenrot !
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