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actually the photo greg posted reminds me more of the 70s if anything. Small notch on wide lapels, lower buttoning points..
@Newcomer this seems to be shorter in length compared to your Despos suit?
Epaulet almost always have decent materials but the dorkiest of shapes. Those chelsea boots... I saw henrich dinckelacker in kyoto a few years back, they are crazy awesome.
all this open quarters thing had to be balanced with the fat rounded delicious liverano lapels and shoulders in order to work otherwise it just looks like a ladies jacket
the asian looking guy with the peak lapel grey SB looks great (the jacket i mean, not sure about the outfit)... wonder if it's rtw?
See everything the arabs wearAs for designers.. Maybe thamanyah?
does John Elliott have oversized tees? been looking for t-shirts with dropped shoulder, slightly longer (and oversized?) body, possibly heavier/ more structured material
is there any established designers within that discipline? what is the overarching attitude behind it? I really don't see any value that I can appreciate, it just look cheap and lazily put together. and from the interview they seem to regard carpentry and design as simpler than they actually are?starting to see something similar to those here (SE Asia), so I'm wondering how the trend begun and how did it get mainstream exposure and reach
I stumble upon this because of 3sixteen mentioned above so uh... since we are on topic of furniture. what sort of discipline is this and is it popular over there? http://singularities.3sixteen.com/arrowhead/
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