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^ check out loake kempton, loake pimlico, sanders george
^ check out loake kempton, loake pimlico, sanders george
i like FEIT's designs but burgundy is a strange colour for sneakers you can probably pair them with greys.. instead of those blue pants
has gotta be a pair black chelsea boots? goes with yohji, attachment, mod suit, corneliani suit.. actually only heavy cuffed faded raw denims look off with them
and then yeah, we got into the topic of nu metal. peculiar how this genre shoots to immense popularity and then just went poof. a truly 90s phenomenon along with grunge i suppose? did linkin distil ratm or were there earlier nu metal i didnt know about? also, limp bizkit. so many fans here, smh
linkin park is one of few bands that I had truly and inexplicably left behind. just couldnt connect and enjoy them at any level now. not even nostalgia. dunno why... i have had those moments when i listened to a lot of zep, then no zep, and then zep again, on and on in a cycle. same with who, stones, etc, even u2... but not linkin park. many of my friends still listen to them after junior high, up until their 20s, and they even manage to pull the "i liked the old linkin...
those are I guess started by 20somethings whose childhood is in the 90s (me included) so basically it's the yearning for the childhood itself because they are growing up now, not the actual 90s the 90s things that I consume now are the ones with the existential/industrial themes; all this Soundgarden, NIN, Massive Attack, I like em
wondering will unlined navy cotton whipcord bedfords be back? are they yearly staples? i'm looking for one for the tropical weatherz
figure I'll just gonna ask here: any info on the quality of Aero's boots? the Northampton made ones?
actually the tadanobu asano character
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