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come to think of it i have yet to see an epaulet suit that looks good @Synthese @in stitches
there are days for 0.25" discussing and there are days for dope as fuck fits. a day may come when the supender fails, when we forsake our creases and break all bonded seams, but it is not this day.
achieving a very slight break is difficult. requires braces for 100% consistency
nice NOBD... who makes the cord?
fuck yes buday fuck yes Vass
Hi there, great stuff, yes definitely the lighter Italian jackets are nicer for the tropical weather. I just came back from Singapore, visited Kevin Seah, Colony Clothing, and Ed Et Al... haven't got time to visit the rest like Dylan and Sons, CYC, or the one with "Bulli" something.... Any reviews and comparisons would be appreciated guys!
fuck yeah in STITCHAS
yeah chukkas just avoid the shapeless ones like clarks or alden. slim leather or dainite sole instead of light color crepe. nice desaturated color like off white reverse bison. when in doubt, consult DWFII --->
+1 jeroen vriend
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