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hi guys, especially owners of various items like @timotune How accurate is the measurement from the web, compared to your actual item? I have only one piece which is the cotton linen soho (sf club blazer!!) from the outlet frenzy last year, in size 52 (42R) which measures 18.7 inches shoulder to shoulder, and 46.5 inches around the chest (P2P), and 29.5 inches length. The measurements in the web are 18.5 shoulder, 44.9 chest, and 30.3 length. So there's a bit of...
Thanks for the info! So there are no lighter make ups done by Vanson, only aero?
hi Thurston Bros, what is the lightest leather you produce? any samples on the web? i wonder if your jackets are too heavy for tropical climate here.
looks good MoK. How's common people's sizing? L for 42 suit size?
i think this kinda belong in this thread. Jackie Chan at Cannes. love the different take on formalwear... wonder who makes it?
perfect length man, just not too casual, will work with a roomier pants than the pair you're wearing
almost forgot about this. xpost from recently:
holy shit, that yohji... what's the fabric?
pockets inaccessible means jacket often buttoned, hence a more formal setting... in which admittedly longer and vented jacket are worn. It's the Barena-style jackets that I usually wear unbuttoned, therefore access to pockets are easy and vents would be unnecessary.
jacket length 29.5 in and below... I'd prefer ventless. 31 inches and up, vents would look nice, but I don't mind ventless. this is on a 6 feet height.
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