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cotton is much much more restrictive than wool. unless you actually measure them and find a nominal difference, i think just the different material alone can give the impression of one size difference.
Hey, thanks for taking the trouble for measuring them. Sounds reasonable then!
Still confused regarding length. The accounts I've read stated that tuxedos are longest in length compared to others in the same size- so same length with london according to the size advisor, but longer than havana and soho. My 42R Soho is a touch too short to cover my huge ass, so taking that as a starting point, a slightly longer 42R tuxedo or London would fit me well. But if you say the 40S Havana and Tux are the same length then I'm not sure anymore.
is the tux length longer than the other 40s ?
subbed, nice info on the first post!
@rach2jlc still balenciaga talk. I just searched this thread for your opinions... the "crinkly leather" you posted actually looked quite good and structured. But the women handbags in similar setup looked and felt shitty though when I handled them in store a few days back...? have you noticed a drop in quality recently?
dude, this may benefit youhttp://ivorytowerstyle.com/post/56811752785/styleforum-member-victor-elfo-see-also-his
was looking at balenciaga womens collection just now. is it just me or is the leather really shitty? the minimalist totes ajd handbags are nicely made out of calfskin but thats about it, the rest is foam-like to the touch, i cant describe it better than that.
i cannot bring myself to like any AE models. alden as well. something about the proportions look off... I'd rather have Northampton stuff....
holy shit. I disabled adblocker. the AE is so huge lol I think it can't be helped. CM content (at least the biz cas stuff) is more mainstream and many casual users are looking for that... the CM B&S is much livelier also iirc?
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