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stitches,for casual boots, a suede chukka or chelsea boot (seldom see them, but they're cool) will be sufficient, not too far away from dress shoes
otoh what is this i cant even.. this supposed to be irony? ivorytowerstyle.tumblr.com/post/56341612837/a-dictionary-of-menswear-insults
interesting about amelie. thats practically 80% of tumblr and instagram there. back to clothing didnt indiana jones popularize A2 jacket?
also try stuff like cowboy bebop.
there are many layers within cinema i think. maybe the outfit worn can give an impact, but even more so the atmosphere, the attitude.. if you just wanna see nice clothes on film, i can say those mc people are dying to be mistaken as bond.. other movies in that vein would be marcelo mastroianni films, and i like the mood of le samourai and tinker tailor soldier spy. i saw one asian, probably hk, film that is impossibly stylish. like a movie full of labelking. didnt know the...
http://www.herringshoes.co.uk/product-info.php?&brandid=7&shoeid=3010 I take it they're the same as these Herrings alex?
holy shit that's a nice boot. up there with Fuuma's austerity on F last.
of course i was referring to formalwear. nice of ya that the more fatherly of the two associations was the first to come to mind.
of course i was referring to formalwear.
no shit, sw&d liking dubmonks???! lol. i agree they look great there! and as usual no pocket square... another question for in stitches.. have you got a black stroller jacket? what's your opinion on them?
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