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lol nope, it just happened that a number of users jumped onto the soho cotton linen blue odd jacket when it hit 99 usd (not euro!)two years ago. that price has never been seen again. probably a glitch. at least three posters have posted it iirc... not counting myself. betel has one. timotune also, but he bought it full price i think
try changing your country to nederland
yeah. nicest one's still the SF community blazer, lol
to access from outside EU: open the normal suitsupply website, change the delivery address to somewhere in EU, then open the outlet web in another window or tab. don't close the normal website.
they have several branches, all nice. but yeah it feels like all coat sizing stops at 40 lol... still tons of accessories though
Some patrons would actually prefer that their favorite makers remain under the radar, deliberately not expanding. I think for brands like S.E.H. Kelly, it is actually their preferred niche, no?
I have handled both. Loake (1880 line) is better than Meermin in terms of finishing and leather quality. Loake's is soft and pliable; Meermin's a touch stiffer and drier. Meermin's shape is nicer though.
lol, good to hear that. my shoulders aren't wide but they're high/square, hence even a minimal padding makes me look frozen in a perpetual shrug.
^ the "shoulder pad" that you can feel in the body part of the garment (not the sleeve) is only part of what shapes the shoulder. getting rid of the shoulder pad will make the the shoulders slope more; if your actual shoulders are square-ish, it will fill the empty space. But if your actual shoulders are sloped or normal, yes, there will be empty space there that may or may not look good. Now, the wideness and pointiness of the end of the coat shoulders (which is actually...
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