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wondering will unlined navy cotton whipcord bedfords be back? are they yearly staples? i'm looking for one for the tropical weatherz
figure I'll just gonna ask here: any info on the quality of Aero's boots? the Northampton made ones?
actually the tadanobu asano character
top knot + facial hair for that Asgardian steez
I refer to the Soho measurements before ordering (from SE Asia! return would have been a hassle) and they are accurate; meaning nothing really strays from my expectation on how the numbers translate into the fit. the measurement numbers, not the size advisor.
maybe its already time for americana-themed nostalgia waywt... like a themed waywt a la CM... shoreman need not join. du is the patron saint
amazing mate, what last is this? not the typical burford?
i heard dutch people are tall
the DB Soho in action! really great purchase at $99... now I need better pants and shirt sleeves. this is 42R and I'm 184 cm (6ft)
wtf im followong this voxsartoria in instagram, turns out he's not our man
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