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lookin to grab uniqlo's black selvedge. looks decent.
I see, thanks. I noticed that the size (41 Tall) is written in the inside tag along with a customer's name, so it's possible that this is a MTM cut for someone with a sloped posture, while mine is a tad erect.
Thanks. Crazy how all this incremental details affect the balance.The chest and shoulders are almost the same in measurement to the other one, but somehow this one feels snugger, yes. Probably something to do wi the denser weave.Earlier you mentioned that other than shortening from the top of shoulder, it is possible to shorten the back balance via side seams. Are you willing to elaborate on this?Much appreciated, all!
Thanks for the input! Yes, Despos did include an image for the pinning method you described.What bugs me more is the flare around hip area from the front, though, if you could help....
Hi tailors, Another Oxxford just came in. This one's back a little bit better but there's something about the skirts flaring. This one's fresh from the packaging box, unpressed. What can be done to reduce the flare? I have quite a prominent butt. Also, I consider my shoulders square and I think this will look better with the padding removed? Summoning @Despos since you commented on the previous one.
Thanks a lot!
Thanks, Despos. Does this problem happen with prominent butt/ hollow waist mostly? I am 6ft; a 31.5-32 length is usually sufficient, but this one is a 32.25. I was under the impression that I need longer jackets to cover my bottom; but I guess this has more to do with the way the back is shaped rather than the numerical length? Also, would you say that the numerical length itself (32.25) is fine for 6 ft, or would a longer jacket look better?
xpost from challenge
Hi all, Got this Oxxford coat off eBay. Haven't done any alterations, really love the Oxxford fit; but what can be done with the back here?
first fit!Oxxford silk blend hopsackUniqloLoake [[SPOILER]]
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