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eh, not at all, just in that particular fit. and also that it still looks raw and stiff- I still like a nice faded denim every now and then. though I have never really be one of those who spends above 100 bucks for denim, let alone 300 bucks level geek denim.
TTO showed it how it's done http://putthison.com/image/56789303041
^not sure about the denim use but I guess it's okay
them dadpants
fuck it, BvB 4-2 Bayern!!!
should we blame mad men for this
gregory peck as bruce wayne, lol, but yeah wayne has got that gatsby feel about him, bats is another story though, has got to be even bigger than supes since he's actually relying upon his physique (no superpower other than unlimited money)
xpost from Loake thread... this pair has truly grown to contentedness level
stitches,for casual boots, a suede chukka or chelsea boot (seldom see them, but they're cool) will be sufficient, not too far away from dress shoes
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