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yea, mod to suedehead thread is awesome, it's amazing how they really don't give a shit about the forum outside that thread lol
Yeah I googled around and yeah, match fixing on that scale would have involved too much money flow and too many individuals/ sides, and would be easily noticeable. I just got pissed at how flippant that guy is towards the athletes, dude didn't even watch the thing.
Enlighten me: how deep is match fixing involved in top level football? A colleague is yapping about how he's "very sure the UCL final was fixed" because of the comeback. Granted, he could be rather a know-it-all, he said the exact thing to every other match results with a hint of a comeback/ drama.
@in stitches dont get the ones with stiff collars. Kamakura's collars have those fused interlinings haven't they? Also yeah, try Uniqlo OCBDs, they are right in between the preppy small collar Gitman/Band of Outsiders and long ass MC OCBDs. Nice length IMO, just need to take in a bit of the waist.
Septieme Largeur used to have one model similar to the Edward Greens. Another one is Alfred Sargent Greaves: http://alfredsargent.co.uk/exclusive-range/greaves/ but the toe might be too chiseled
watched it. thoroughly enjoyable, really can't imagine NOT watching it in the cinema. dat bass
how are the trousers on London/ York? the rest, from what I've seen or read in this thread... seem to have issues... like the slim but no taper issue mentioned above.
correct... it's kind of a sleeker DMs probably? will only clash with the more peacocky CM or #menswear outfits... will be at home with the more austere ones
love ghostface's suit fit.. i wonder if a more traditional neapolitan suit can also work with those shoes?
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