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Emailed you guys but no answer @gdl203 @conceptual 4est do you have measurements for geller gray denim size 36 waist? Also will eidos 54L fit a 42L chest? Anybody with insight is welcome!
42.5 in brunello boot = what size in taninos and CPxgeller?
any idea which SS model is this?
"bro your vent got stu- oh nvm"
@gdl203 How does Eidos in 52 fit you? slimmer than formosas?
@NickPollica re: gelasio sizing is it like a shirt sizing? 42 means 42 cm collar? or 42 inch chest? what size gelasio would fit a 42 inch chest (52 to 54 EU size)? thanks!
I lost track of whether armani or ferre started the trend; I think the ones pushing the structured shoulder and powerful look a la 30s were ferre and flusser. Armani cuts a more flowy and drapey cut. They were all nice and fresh at the beginning, then at some point the shoulders got bigger and bigger and the buttoning point arrives right at the navel and the jacket length went 33 inches from boc which was reiterated by trickle down effect to the mass market. owait I...
oh I meant the eidos suit he posted
actually the photo greg posted reminds me more of the 70s if anything. Small notch on wide lapels, lower buttoning points..
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