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go to Ring Jacket, ask for the "creamy waffle" fabric. I think you can even MTM with em
Any good gray denim out there? Preferably slubby a la indigo denim but in light gray.
Nah @Caustic Man thats nice
dat camoshita
IME u can go tts in stretchy materials but better size up on hard ones (cotton twill, linen canvas, nylon or poly blends, cotton linen blend...)
+1 At lower pricepoint, everything is mostly becoming Zara + Uniqlo
Any recs for actual tennis shoes that looks good off court? (Not vintage tennis shoes a la stan smith)
I like the way you do three button peak lapel @Musella
Hi tailors, I have this vintage coat altered for erect posture (back shifting). Now there is a slight gap on the collars (bigger on the right. I think?). What are the ways to fix it? And here is a linen coat I had made locally. As you can see there are alterations needed (huge collar gap). The tailor acknowledged his "mistake in cutting" but is drowning in work right now, but he said he is doubtful the front could be altered that much without complications (lapels...
Singapore humidity is such that there is no longer a difference between wearing a tee or a tee under a jacket- both will feel hot af, so I opted to still wear an outer since I needed the pockets and sweat stains wont show as easily. That, and when you got indoors the AC can be brutal. Just bring extra tees or shirts to change if your base layer got drenched. Last time the temp shows 40 deg C, 46C actual feel with humidity factored in. If you grew up in temperate climate......
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