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re: loafers Belgians or wholecut loafers are cool, I've been eyeing these for a while: IIRC @nicelynice liked them
@WBaker @Synthese i really like the cadet jacket. What is the fabric? Do you reckon a tailor can replicate it?
hot damn
go to Ring Jacket, ask for the "creamy waffle" fabric. I think you can even MTM with em
Any good gray denim out there? Preferably slubby a la indigo denim but in light gray.
Nah @Caustic Man thats nice
dat camoshita
IME u can go tts in stretchy materials but better size up on hard ones (cotton twill, linen canvas, nylon or poly blends, cotton linen blend...)
+1 At lower pricepoint, everything is mostly becoming Zara + Uniqlo
Any recs for actual tennis shoes that looks good off court? (Not vintage tennis shoes a la stan smith)
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