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holy shit, that yohji... what's the fabric?
pockets inaccessible means jacket often buttoned, hence a more formal setting... in which admittedly longer and vented jacket are worn. It's the Barena-style jackets that I usually wear unbuttoned, therefore access to pockets are easy and vents would be unnecessary.
jacket length 29.5 in and below... I'd prefer ventless. 31 inches and up, vents would look nice, but I don't mind ventless. this is on a 6 feet height.
R.I.P Johnny Winter, one of the greatest white bluesman..
what's the general opinion on Epaulet's noragi jackets?
just for the hell of it, what contitutes good taste and bad taste in cars? beyond the obvious ones like chris bangle BMW, SUVs and minivans
i really really like 3625 last, shame they seldom usw it in 1880 level
time for vietnamese bra en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Yếm but yeah, going braless is very uncommon here in asia.
some shirt and trouser cuts are nicer; I'm satisfied with the drawstring linen pants, linen shirt, and the usual oxfords.. the oxfords are thinner but fits better on me especially for tucking. the chinos and raw jeans are meh, and they have really paper-y looking stuff like the linen cotton jeans, legging pants... the blended stuff is great if you're looking for some budget techwear. the blended unstructured blazer is nicer than MUJI's for 2/3rd the price, amazing brand...
holy shit, that chukka
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