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Di Fara can be great, but there's a good chance, probably about half of the time, that your pizza will be burned into oblivion and oily. If you don't go at completely off-hours, waiting at least an hour just sets you up for disappointment. Artichoke's square grandma slice is pretty good but I absolutely hate their namesake pizza, but it's a polarizing slice. Joe's on Carmine Street is really solid for a consistently good NY-style slice.
foodguy, I take it there's basically no chance that we'd have the Adriatic variety here in the northeast? I don't really look because I've constantly been disappointed by the quality of the figs (not terribly surprising) here...seems like you're lucky if even half of them are good in a batch. My family has an apartment in Calabria and you can just walk into the backyard and pick figs off the trees. They're amazing. Wonder if they're Adriatic.
I would go to JG for the anniversary dinner out of those choices. A year ago, it was EMP, but they've gotten ridiculous with the themes, gimmicks, $20 coffee, etc. It's such a shame too, because the room is the best of the three. It might be better at lunch in terms of the smoke domes and other nonsense, but I'm not sure. Daniel's food is good but I found it unbearably stuffy and I'm not a fan of the room either. Price-fixe: Aldea Babbo (only Batali restaurant I will...
Great Lakes and Spacca Napoli are both much better than any of the Chicago deep dish places.
Far better than any of the places you would be waiting in line for brunch in the area. Get the burger, eggs and truffles, and a side of duck hash.
Lupa is dreadful and the service at all Batali restaurants besides Del Posto (which I figured would be the most obnoxious, too bad the food isn't spectacular) is atrocious. Staffed by clueless young dipshits who try to pass themselves off as experts on Italian cuisine...it's embarrassing. Try sending back a horribly undercooked, crunchy pasta at any of his places without being lectured on how pasta is prepared al dente in Italy. Manzo and even some of the quick lunch...
They didn't have to do anything special. Pundits and fans who know nothing made far too much of Germany's demolition of poor teams and acted like they were practically unbeatable. Germany's defense outside of Hummels -- although he had his ankles broken by Cassano today -- has always been vulnerable to good counter-attacking sides. Even Greece made them look bad once or twice before the obvious gap in talent took over. Most pundits know nothing about Italian soccer,...
Yeah, my mistake! I was referring to Sushi Yasuda, have been to each of them one time a while back. Guess he must not have liked me
Pretty standard list of fine dining...nothing wrong with it, just don't see much variation here except of course Le Bernardin being a seafood restaurant. EMP is pretty wonderful, but I thought the service was really over the top as previously mentioned...I appreciate that they're nice, but it felt like something out of Disney World and honestly I came close to laughing a few times. I'll take it over the service I received at Daniel and Le Bernardin any day of the week...
Grimaldi's is merely decent, would skip it. Would be silly to wait in line very long for it anyway, although I did happen to read that the pizza is better at its new location. For Neopolitan pizza, try Motorino, Keste, Forcella, Don Antonio or perhaps Co. off the top of my head. Co. and Motorino have solid appetizers in addition to pizza if that matters.
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