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Very difficult in general. A lot of people seem to go for the name and will take a BB PWM job over an offer from a second-tier IB. From my experience, that's a mistake. Think you'll find mostly the same opinions over at the WSO and M&I boards.
His assist on Pastore's goal from the Toulouse match was incredible. Absolutely horrible that no one in Italy wanted him for the price. Zeman may be singlehandedly responsible for developing the next generation of Italian talent - Verratti, Immobile, and Insigne. Immobile is the perfect target man, would not be surprised if he scores 20 goals this season.
I absolutely love Sicily, Cefalu, Palermo, and Erice (maybe my favorite town in southern Italy), especially. Taormina is really crowded but the view from the Greek theater is incredible, it alone is worth the trip. Fairly easy to get around, roads are not as chaotic as Calabria's (no equal in my book for driving headaches). Food is ridiculously cheap for the most part as is pretty much anything in southern Italy and I've never had any problems safety-wise. Architecture...
Verratti is going to become one of the best midfielders in the world.
Welbeck with another ridiculous dive. New Ashley Young. Good laugh any time the British lecture others on divers.
Spent every summer in Calabria growing up. It's pretty much tourist free outside of a handful of Germans and Swiss at the most popular beaches. during August. It sounds like you're pretty comfortable with the idea of driving around without some set itinerary, which works well for Calabria. A few places I love: Paola - wonderful architecture, Norman castles Pietragrande and Caminia - the best beaches I've been to in Calabria Tropea - covered in your post. will say that...
Out of AEO call options +300% after a special dividend was announced this morning Not bad for a few days. Still room for certain retailers, I think...
I guess saying it "sucks" is a bit harsh, but it is very ordinary. Just seems odd with the food and for a special occasion. You can have a look for yourself on Yelp and elsewhere and decide for yourself, though. It's not ugly or anything, just very ordinary, but I have not been there in a while. You should consider Tosca as well for Italian food. Not much else Italian in DC for celebrations...Italian food in DC is pretty awful outside of those two and a few others. ...
Corduroy is great, particularly the five course tasting menu that's $65. Hard to find a better value in the city.
I would look at Obelisk and Citronelle. Obelisk's dining room sucks but it's the best Italian in DC by a good amount and everything else is great, Citronelle is probably the best all-around dining experience.
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