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I've seen nothing out of AMRN in the last few months that would give me any reason to think a near-term catalyst is coming before more depreciation. If they announce they will launch the product on their own it will likely go down further.
Using some of my profits from SRPT and buying calls ahead of NPSP's FDA advisory panel and briefing documents.
Was pretty awesome watching Balo rub it in Weidenfeller's face after the PK.
I believe it was mentioned once or twice in this thread while I was doing some backreading, actually! had been following it since it was $8.50 back in late July and only got in recently. pretty nice day, some calls would've been much nicer! onto the next speculative biotech.
Jungsik will be two in a couple of years, I think. Maybe next year. Really fantastic food.
Bought SRPT a couple of weeks back under $15. DMD drug data was fantastic, opened +115% this morning. Sold it, now it's +170%. Fuck everything Ok so that's being greedy but still, I can't help it...
Liverpool straight up robbed by the ref today.
Food and Wine editor says they've already dropped the narration after the Wells report came out. Probably worried about him potentially demoting them in a future review. Now, if only they could do away with the NYC theme...
Torres flopping like a fish a decent amount already. Insufferable player.
In the smaller towns, just about no one will know English. In the cities, between learning a little Italian and the mostly students working in restaurants and bars who know a little English, I think you'd be fine. My brother and his girlfriend were just in Calabria and Sicily recently and had no problems communicating. He knows very little Italian (knows the Calabrese dialect quite well but not many young people speak it anymore).
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