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Cronenberg's films from the early 80s through Dead Ringers are pretty fantastic. From that list I'd go with Alien pretty easily.
Seemed like a pretty clear PK denied to Chelsea...
Evans lunged in and very clearly makes significant enough contact on Torres's foot that could send a lot of players down to the ground. Not even close to a yellow.
but British players don't dive and foreigners do, of course.
Wow, totally robbed. Would've been awesome for Suarez to celebrate the winner in front of Moyes again while he's wiping the egg off his face after his comments this week (in light of Neville's obvious dive). A true classic. Cain was such a fucking horrible place.
Are you referring to the video with that guy AJ ? Pretty sure he was outed as working in the back-office in operations and wasn't even a banker. Absolutely nothing wrong with being in operations, but he's definitely that guy at the bar who pretends otherwise and makes sure all the girls know he works at a BB.
Ha, I used to think this was just about the worst drink ever when my family was in Calabria. My siblings and I used to dread this hitting the table at a relative's house.Love the mandarin and blood orange sodas from San Pellegrino.
CG, have you had Mahon Sec or Sbrinz? I find myself gravitating much more to hard cheeses now and it sounds like I'd really love these. Curious what your thoughts are on them. I don't see them on the Murray's website though, which I would think means it's pretty tough to track them down in the states?
bought Oct. $12's for .25, quick double on a very positive reaction to briefing notes for a change. it still has more room to run, though...
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