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Amarin's Stock Drops on Plan to Sell Heart Drug Vascepa AloneYikes...
Would avoid it unless you want to take on A LOT of risk for a company that if it weren't for its billionaire owner who has invested a great deal of his personal fortune into it would probably be finished. From what I've seen, the FDA just does not like inhalants in general because of the different risks involved. The CRL it received last time around was not very encouraging as I recall and it dropped somewhere around 70% or so over the span of a few weeks. If you are...
Him linking up with Verratti for the national team will be Immense talent. Also of note for Milan is De Sciglio, who is flying under the radar and has been excellent. Future looks bright for the NT.
Mexes with a stunning bicycle kick a few years outside the box. Zlatan-esque.
Don't see you getting into a top MBA (depending how this is defined) as things stand and what are these "entry level positions" you think you are overqualified for? Very few people are getting into top programs with your resume. AriGold's advice while a bit crude is right.
If Juve had a good striker they'd have a pretty decent chance of playing in the final. Not sure they can make it without one.
Keep an eye on CLSN. Has had a +20% run recently but off its recent high. Phase 3 results for a big drug coming in the new year (January, I believe), market cap
Man, that should've been a PK for City at the end there.
Great game...had Juve went out and bought a striker there's a good chance they could've gone deep into Europe this year. Stramaccioni's Inter side is underrated; Guarin and Juan were excellent buys.
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