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CG, what blue would you say is most similar to Rogue River that is available year round? I tried it this fall for the first time and it was absolutely delicious Completely lived up to the hype for me and I should've bought much more than I did. I've had Bayley Hazen from Jasper Hill which I loved, but was wondering if you had any other recommendations.
Indeed. Barca's defense is highly vulnerable to any team with decent finishers. I'm not sure how exactly we could go from a tactical triumph to this...there is a gulf in talent between the teams but not something that can't be made up by smarts and discipline. Allegri had the midfield all wrong, De Sciglio and Muntari should've started, Constant should never wear the shirt again, and how Flamini gets a start in a match of this magnitude after showing absolutely nothing...
AMRN bulls have been consistently wrong since early summer with every one of their predictions. No offense intended but I can't fathom why you're piling into AMRN over all the other biotechs out there. At the very least, the bear case is a lot more convincing whereas the bull case is being built by garbage Seeking Alpha articles, a site that on constant decline for a few years now after they decided to take the route of producing clickbait with ridiculous hyperbole in...
Constant's performance in this match has to be one of the absolute worst I've ever seen in my life. Unfathomably terrible.
Messi was quite clearly offside for the second goal.
Makes the shortlist of the finest defensive displays in recent memory, even more incredible when you consider Milan's backline compared to just a year ago. Unbelievable victory
Anyone know where I might find something like Warby Parker's Winston frames but smaller? I like the shape of them (in either the fade color there, or just black) but they were just too big on and seemed to have too much space underneath my eye. I checked Moscot and Oliver Peoples and was surprised to find there wasn't anything all that close.
Have watched him since his Pescara days. There are some good youtube comps of some of his Ligue 1 matches this year. Italian NT future looking bright
Had this one from ~41.50 or something until it peaked in the low 100s after earnings a long time ago. Did not sell all of it I'm hoping that better data out of China in recent weeks and the uptick in iron ore prices going back to September bodes well...if I'm not mistaken there was a sell-off last time around.
Letting a little ride but I'm for the most part out of CLSN -- +120% since August. I'm leaning towards good results from their trial set to be released any day now but a failure would sink the stock a good 60-70% at least. Too many ridiculous Seeking Alpha pumping articles and the hyperbole surrounding the stock at this point spooked me.
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